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PG&E releasing a report on why they shut down power during a recent red flag warning. The report part of a state mandate to be transparent with the public. It was released Wednesday and says the company shut down power to about 12,000 Lake County residents the week of October 14th. In all 60,000 lost power because of a windstorm and dry conditions. The Lakeport city manager tells the Record Bee an unnecessary shutoff of power for lengthy amounts of time is bad for business. She also says the utility company didn’t communicate some areas wouldn’t lose power at all, so several thousand people warned never lost power. But she says she expects better communication the next time power has to be shut off. The utility company says they consider temporary shutdowns as a last resort in extreme weather.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated this year again at the Ukiah Senior Center. The yearly event with a noon meal for a couple hundred seniors and their families. Local organizations donate goods for the shindig so it’s affordable for local seniors. Friedman’s Home Improvement’s donating 20 turkeys and the Savings Bank of Mendocino County is also putting money into the event. The Daily Journal reports the event sells out way in advance with limited tickets sold. They also hold their yearly fundraiser to help support many other events and services at the Center. They say they’re hoping to raise as much as $50,000 to keep operating through the end of 2019.

Tickets can be purchased for Ukiah Senior Center members and a guest for $8 each, and $10 for nonmembers.

A budget discussion at a special meeting of the Fort Bragg Unified School District Board of Trustees. Lower enrollment and rising costs for pension contributions is causing a potential budget gap. The Chief Business Officer for the school district says they can pay all projected obligations this year and two more years beyond that, but there’s a structural deficit. The board looked at ways they can save money to avoid a budget hole but it could affect student learning. The board agreed they should set aside money for reserves, above the current minimum of 3%. So they’re looking at another 6 percent to avoid a budget crisis. They’ll keep the conversation going at the next budget workshop after the New Year.

The band program in the Fort Bragg Unified School District’s getting a cash infusion. They got two donations of $4,000 so the band can buy new instruments. The Cummings Foundation with that donation so the schools got a matching donation from the Robert and Mary Kroninger Foundation for another $4,000. The new band teacher at the schools says the donations will help a lot so students have access to quality instruments. They bought flutes, saxophones and clarinets.

Weed and wine… Francis Ford Coppola’s done a deal with the Humboldt Brothers out of Garberville for a limited edition of three cannabis flower strains. The company that owns Humboldt County marijuana farms is producing the Grower’s Series by Francis Ford Coppola. It can be purchased at some licensed dispensaries and from a Bay Area marijuana-delivery service called Chill. Coppola commented on the partnership saying wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature and says the Grower’s Series reflects California agricultural expertise creating a true blend of art and science.

Money is still available for some who’ve lost their homes due to fires in Lake County. Lake Co News reports on a family from Cobb who are in their new home built by volunteers with Hope City. The Guzman family got a CalHome loan with 0-percent interest and no payment necessary for 30 years. Hammers for Hope also gave the family a grant thru North Coast Opportunities. The CalHome Loan is made possible thru the state Department of Housing and Community Development for low-to moderate-income households for those who owned or rented a home destroyed in recent fires. There’s about a million dollars in CalHome loans expected to be given to those in Lake County still thru the end of the year.

If you would like more information about CalHome Loans, and to see if you qualify, please call Jon Kennedy at 707-489-4647 or email him at jkennedy.

If you have lost your home to any of the recent fires, help is available, please contact Team Lake County case management and Peggy O’Day at 707-994-2910 or email poday.

Ten people in Lake County could be in trouble with the state on suspicion of being unlicensed contractors. More than 2,000 homes destroyed across Lake County in fires the last three years. The last couple weeks of October, the Contractors State License Board working with the Lake County District Attorney’s Office worked an undercover sting to find unlicensed contractors near fire zones. They asked supposed contractors to give them bids and ten people who showed up giving bids of more than the $500 threshold for labor and/or materials. Three of them busted on misdemeanors and could face fines, five for phony advertising and the others on various charges. The cases forwarded to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office with a recommendation for criminal filings.

The numbers are looking better for homeless veterans in Lake and Mendocino counties. The U.S. Housing and Urban Development released its annual Homeless Assessment Report showing homeless vet numbers were down nearly 5.5 percent since last year, that totaled to almost half the number of homeless vets reported in 2010. The HUD secretary made the announcement with the Dept. of Veterans affairs. The numbers after the yearly count known as a “Point in Time” which estimates the number of homeless vets in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs and in unsheltered locations. There was a nearly 50% drop in homeless vets in Lake County. The same in Mendocino County and California had about a 5 percent drop.

Two men charged with an armed robbery and murder in Clearlake in court for proceedings ahead of their jury trials. David Ward of Oakland and Daniel McRae of Santa Rosa charged in the Nov. 2016 death of Brandon McAfee and for attempted murder and a botched marijuana robbery. The two men accused of going to McAfee’s house with McRae holding an automatic weapon demanding those inside get down, but McAfee apparently didn’t comply and ended up in a struggle with the intruders and the weapon discharged with McAfee getting hit in the chest and dying at a hospital. The two men ran from the home but were caught earlier this year. The two men are held in the Lake County Jail with no bail and are expected to be back in court after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wildlife officials on the lookout for whoever killed an elk with arrows and left it dead on the ground in Elk Meadow in Redwood National and State Parks. A ranger found the dead animal in an area where hunting is prohibited by federal and state law. Redwood National and State Parks and California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers found the animal was left intact. They’re asking anyone who may have information to call Rangers or you can call the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and leave an anonymous tip. There are seven Roosevelt Elk herds in the Redwood National and State Parks area on acreage in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.

A warning from the Centers for Disease Control this Halloween week, telling folks not to use dead bats as Halloween decorations. The national Fish & Wildlife Service reports getting illegal dead bats that were being shipped to the U.S. They say they’re supposed to be fully taxidermied because dead bats can carry disease. Since they’re coming from outside the country, they can also carry disease not known in the U-S.


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