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More than 100 sex offenders have been arrested in the state during the yearly Halloween sweep. The sweep to try to keep offenders away from kids during trick or treating activities. They say about 9% of all of the 1,252 parolees were contacted statewide Wednesday and on Thursday eight of those arrested were charged with new crimes and the rest were for violating conditions of their parole. Thirty offenders had pornography, two of those kiddie porn. Thirty-one with drugs, drug paraphernalia or violated other parole conditions. Thirteen had weapons. This is the 25th year of "Operation Boo."

A man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, including two former Presidents may have also been planning to send a device to UC Davis. The FBI reportedly telling the school Cesar Sayoc might have been targeting the university. Sayoc accused of sending CNN, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and others the devices. None exploded and nobody was hurt. He was arrested last week and has already had a few court hearings and will be tried in New York. Sayoc reportedly a major fan of President Trump’s. Agents say he searched online for the term “UC Davis.” Campus security said to be beefing up screening practices.


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