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It won’t be long now, the Konocti Harbor Resort has a target date for reopening. The resort mostly used recently as a place for wildfire evacuees. Now the construction for a restoration of the old resort is getting underway and apparently they may start taking reservations for a spring re-opening. The resort got involved in a lawsuit back in 2004 with the U.S. Labor Department, then closed 5 years later. The resort purchased this spring by some developers out of the Bay Area. No word how much, but apparently a lot of money’s being put back into the resort. Don’t look for big concerts again outside though as there’s damage to the amphitheater. But the new owners focus is reportedly on having a quality resort by redoing rooms, pulling out old carpet, painting, rebuilding the restaurants and the bar.

A man who used to be a defense investigator in Sonoma County is now accused himself of a crime. The Press Democrat reports Jim Baker is accused of trying to change a witnesses mind about testifying against a client of his in a hit and run case. UC Berkeley’s top lawyer, Christopher Patti was killed in the crash. Jonathan Ritter of Rio Nido is accused of hitting Patti, then for trying to get a witness kidnapped and killed. Sheriff’s detectives are after Baker, taking some of his computer files and turning them over as discovery in the case. Court papers say Baker somehow got involved with Ritter trying to dissuade a witness in his manslaughter case to change part of his statement.

Lake County is considering adding to the County Code regarding illegal dumping and weed abatement. The Board of Supervisors will consider the two items on the agenda tomorrow morning. The draft ordinance to be considered on the items would include fines and penalties for those caught illegally dumping trash. The language in the agenda says the county would encourage the public not to dump illegally as it’s a threat to public health, safety and welfare. The money to pay for the program would come from fines and penalties gathered enforcing the proposed ordinance. They’ll also consider hazardous vegetation abatement or weed pulling on unimproved parcels of land.

Lakeport’s considering new police vehicles. The City Council will take up the matter at their meeting tomorrow night. The Police Chief to ask for permission to buy four fully equipped 2019 Dodge Chargers. There’s also other business including work on a hazard mitigation plan.

California officials investigating a school construction accident at Kelseyville High where a worker was killed. The accident October 23rd where a construction worker was hurt on the high school’s new shop building and died the next week from his injuries. California’s Occupational Safety and Health Dept. has been informed and is investigating the accident. They report it was an apprentice carpenter from FRC Inc. who fell from a scissor lift. Cal OSHA can also issue citations connected to the incident, but that could take up to six months. The man’s name has not been released. The construction company is located in Windsor. Lake Co News has reported there’s a Go Fund Me page for the man’s family. They’ve identified him as Juan Pablo Cuevas Jimenez, a Marine vet.

Federally restricted pesticide’s been found on land in Lake county. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office found the pesticide in September on cannabis grow sites on private property. The pesticides severely restricted by the U-S EPA. They found it on two sites in heavy concentrations and three sites had samples taken and the results are not back yet. They were all taken from the Lower Lake area and warning signs will be posted. Carbofuran was the poison found and one bird on the site was dead from it. The pesticide can cause reproductive harm, acute poisoning, and have possible long-term effects.

No more donations are being accepted by the California Democratic Party from the oil industry, but apparently oil companies are still pouring money into Democratic campaigns ahead of tomorrow’s election. Oil companies not donating to the party directly, but instead to individual candidates and other groups. A new finance report shows the petroleum industry paid more than $19 million the 2017-18 election cycle, but a lot of that’s for Republicans too. aCALmatters reports says the Republican party has dwindled in Calif. the oil industry is bolstering Democrats who hold the majority in the legislature.

A new report says California is 3rd in the country for identity theft, and that credit card fraud is about half the crimes. The Federal Trade Commission’s yearly report on consumer claims has fraud into several categories, including debt collection, identity theft, prizes/sweepstakes/lotteries, and telephone/mobile services. Debt collection in Calif. had the most claims, then identity theft and imposter scams.

A woman in Colorado arrested in a bizarre case at a new fire station. The station in Aurora flooded, ransacked and officials also found a headless bird. It happened last Monday night, firefighters left for a call but when they got back they found the mess. Apparently Yesenia Griego snuck in as the doors opened for the firefighters to drive out to their incident. They found their alarm going off, the doors open and the lights on and a fire hose going off. They found their gear ransacked, a fire extinguisher on and some broken equipment and windows. The dead bird was found in the parking lot. The woman arrested on felony burglary, criminal mischief and criminal tampering charges.

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