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More than a dozen people had to go to the hospital after a fire broke out at the Sonoma County Jail. The Press Democrat reports 13 people had to go to the hospital for various ailments including smoke inhalation among some inmates. Not a lot more info was available except that multiple Santa Rosa firefighters and engines went to the scene including four ambulances. The newspaper site reports emergency officials saying at least one person was injured and taken separate from the others.

A young man from Anderson is dead after drowning in a Northern Calif. lake. A 17 year old girl says she and her family were out hunting and saw something floating in Lewiston Lake. The girl says they heard someone calling for help and saw a man’s head and the tip of a boat in the water and called 911. Two other hunters happened upon the scene and helped get one man out of the cold lake. He said his friend drowned in the water. The two other hunters were able to get to the man who was still alive and get him onboard their boat, then bring him ashore. Firefighters arrived to help that man, and then he was taken to a hospital. Apparently the two were out duck hunting and one of their shotguns kicked and tipped the boat over, tossing them into the freezing water. An hour later the other man’s body was found. His name has not been released.


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