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A man the CHP says may have been suicidal had to be tazed. The CHP in Humboldt County says they got reports of a car stopped on the Eel River Bridge. Two Garberville CHP officers saw a man outside the car between Rio Dell and Fortuna and tried to talk the man off the bridge. And the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office brought in a crisis negotiator, but the man apparently had a large knife on him and told the officers they should shoot him. They say the man started walking to his car, but they told him to step away. He got in the car anyway as they commanded him to step back. Officers approached and used a taser on the man, he dropped the knife and fell on the ground and was detained for medical treatment. A CHP officer had minor injuries after the incident, but he was treated and released at the scene.

PG&E once again trying to fight paying for some of the losses after the October 2017 fires across Northern Calif. The CEO of the utility company livestreamed their quarterly earnings report and announced they believe the state’s liability policy is, quote “flawed and it needs to be addressed”. A bill recently signed by the Governor allows PG&E to have ratepayers help pay for wildfire related costs which could cost billions. A proposal in play now for an average residential customer to pay only $5 more a year for every billion dollars in financing of bonds. Investigators say the utility company caused 17 major wildfires in Oct. of 2017. Still no word what caused the Tubbs Fire, one of the deadliest and costliest in Calif. history.

Possible changes on cannabis ordinances in Mendocino County considered in Willits. The Ad Hoc community meeting last week at the Willits Community Center ahead of any decision by the Board of Supervisors. The meeting attended by the County CEO, one board supervisor and others from the Planning and Services and Agriculture Departments. The Board of Supervisors created the Ad Hoc Committee this summer to review possible changes in the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance. Some changes being considered include site specific environmental reviews, new size allocations, outdoor grows to be larger so there are less greenhouses.

The final report from the Lake County D-A on the shooting death of a Kelseyville resident has been released. District Attorney Don Anderson reports Jason Sienze’s shooting death by Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Moore was “justifiable homicide” and says the deputy was acting in self-defense. The shooting after calls of a suspicious person, a home invasion and possible shots fired in Nice last February. The D-A’s report says while Deputy Moore was responding to the incident he shot Sienze several times as he tried to get away. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Sienze has been arrested 14 times in the past too for various crimes including assault with a deadly weapon, battery and burglary.

A great opening for the recreational Dungeness crab season. The season began Saturday with almost 300 people out on nearly a dozen party boats. They brought in 2,970 Dungeness crab and many also were able to catch rockfish and lingcod. More than 2,800 rockfish, hitting the limit for those who fished for them. There were also hundreds of others on private boats with good grabs too. And the commercial Dungeness season starts next Thursday.

Two men on death row, one a serial killer, the other killed a family and set their home on fire, killed themselves in prison. The two died separately in the country’s largest death row, which is in Calif. Corrections officials found Andrew Urdiales while doing a security check at San Quentin last Friday. He got a death sentence last month for the murder of five women. Plus he had already faced the death penalty in 2004 for three murders in Illinois, but that sentence was commuted because capital punishment was outlawed. He was only on death row here for 3 weeks. The other inmate, found dead, alone in his cell Sunday. Virendra Govin sent to his death in December of 2004 for four Los Angeles County murders. Officials say there’s no connection to the two inmates deaths. Incidentally Calif. has not killed anyone on death row since 2006.

A problem for toilets in Sacto… folks putting flushable wipes in toilets… and flushing. The Sacramento Area Sewer District reports the so-called flushable wipes are clogging pipes. They’ve had to use underground pumping stations to ream the pipes monthly, now it’s every week or two. Wastewater officials say even though the products are marketed to be able to flush them, they get caught up in the pipes, getting stuck and pushing raw sewage back up with them. The Sewer District now trying to spread the word, no wipes in the pipes, only human waste and toilet paper.

Since Calif. has a mail in ballot system, election officials warn it could take until next month for the official results. Votes will be counted if they’re mailed today too, as long as they get where they’re supposed to within three days of the election. But if they’re not in by the end of the week, it could take more time to verify signatures and get counted. It could even hold up who gets control of Congress, if it’s left to California to decide key congressional races. Calif. has the most seats in the U.S. House. 3 are said to be quite close, the 25th, 39th and 48 congressional districts.

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