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Three men arrested on drug charges in Humboldt County after a yearlong investigation. The Humboldt County Drug Task Force also found heroin and cash. Search warrants at two homes and a traffic stop in Eureka turn up more than nine pounds of heroin with a street value of more than 270-thousand dollars. Carlos Sanchez-Gallego of Mexicali, Mexico, Jose-Ochoa-Ayon of Sinaloa, Mexico and Gilberto Castello-Garcia, also of Sinaloa, Mexico all arrested and in court last Friday in the case. Most of the drugs found at one home and the trio held on $1 million bail. After their preliminary hearings next Tuesday, it’s possible the bail can be reduced. The Sheriff’s dept. reports this as a record amount this year in Humboldt County. They say one of the three arrested was a mid-to-upper level drug boss for the cartel.

Clearlake considering several additions to the city code. The code to regulate sidewalk vendors and those selling door to door. State law regulates both, so Clearlake is looking to align with the state. The state changed regulations and penalties for sidewalk and door-to-door vendors to promote entrepreneurship and support immigrant and low-income communities. It was signed into law earlier this fall. It limits the way these types of salespeople are punished for not following rules with fines from $100 to $1,000 unless there’s an exception. Some vendors would only have to pay 20 percent and no other punishment would be considered. Clearlake is considering no vendors on streets or medians, at night in residential neighborhoods, in commercial neighborhoods not during normal business hours in certain neighborhoods and no sound amplifying devices.


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