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Power may have to be shut off again by PG&E because of possible fire conditions. The company looking at a potential shut off tomorrow because of extreme fire danger conditions with a red flag warning from the National Weather Service. It would affect Butte, Lake, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sierra, Sonoma and Yuba Counties. The windy weather is expected late today into tomorrow. The same thing happened last month due to fire danger. The utility company reportedly working with first responders and state and local agencies and was sending messages to customers about the temporary shut off.

Customers can visit to determine whether their home or business is served by an electric line that may be turned off for safety.

Three newcomers chosen over longtime incumbents in the Lakeport Unified School District. Carly Alvord, Jennifer Hanson and Dan Buffalo all decided to run together and early returns show success for the trio. Over in the Konocti Unified School District, they went with Joan Mingori, Bill Diener and Pamela Bening-Hale. In two other school districts, Middletown and Upper Lake, three seats in Middletown for Larry Allen, Latrease Walker and Thad Owens, in Upper Lake — Ron Raetz, Ana Santana, Diane Tomkins Plante, Frank Gudmundson, Claudine Pedroncelli and Don Meri.

Clearlake has a couple of new City Council members. In early returns Dirk Slooten and Russell Cremer beat Russell Perdock for the two open seats. Perdock had been on the council about three of a four year term then resigned in February to go after the Clearlake Police chief position.

Tarney Sheldon looks to be taking over a seat on the Mendocino County Office of Education’s board representing Ukiah. But that could change…

Congressman Jared Huffman had almost 68% of the vote for a comfortable lead in his race against Dale Mensing. Because Jared Huffman retained his seat in the U-S House and the Democrats took leadership, it means Huffman will become chair of the Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans of the House Natural Resources Committee.

A man driving a BMW SUV has died in a solo crash into a tree. The CHP reports the man north on the 101 south of Laytonville Monday afternoon and for some reason, he went off the road, down an embankment and hit a tree. The SUV burst into flames after it hit the tree. Some folks passing by stopped to try to help the driver out, with no luck due to the fire. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two incumbents running to stay on the Ukiah City Council look safe. But there’s three open seats and Maureen Mulheren was leading followed by the other incumbent, Jim Brown. Mulheren is the vice-mayor so she would be the mayor this time around as Brown was last year. And in early counts it looked like Juan Orozco was leading for the third seat.

It’s close but still looks like a healthy lead in the 3rd District Supervisors race in Mendocino County for John Haschak. Hashak with 55% of the vote against John Pinches who picked up 44.5 percent. The two came out on top in the primary in June for a runoff yesterday. Pinches was the 3rd District supervisor in the past… three times. In the 5th District supervisor’s race Ted Williams was way out ahead but he didn’t have a challenger since Chris Skyhawk withdrew in September due to having a stroke, his name stayed on the ballot though.

The Lake County Cannabis Business Tax, Measure K, looks like it passes to raise taxes on cannabis related businesses other than farms.

The South Lake County Fire Tax, Measure L had favorable support to place a property tax on property owners for emergency response.

Lake County D-A Don Anderson comes up short for the Judge of the Superior Court – Department 4, Shanda Harry took a commanding lead with nearly 59% of the vote to Anderson’s 41 percent

Congressman John Garamendi had a healthy lead to keep his seat in the 3rd District of Calif, winning over Charlie Schaupp, same for Mike Thompson who won in a landslide against Anthony Mills in the 5th District of the state.

Mike McGuire handily stays on as a State Senator, fending off Veronica Jacobi in the 2nd District of the Senate. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry comes out way ahead of her challenger Brandon Nelson with a smidge under 70%. Jim Wood easily kept his Assembly seat too.

A couple of school bonds passed, in Middletown, Measure H, in Upper Lake, Measure I and in the Upper Lake School District for school facilities, Measure J easily won.

Here are ballot measures and how they fared: Proposition 1 to put more money into affordable housing easily got the yes vote last night as did Proposition 2, to spend more on Mental Health housing for the homeless. Proposition 3 lost so more money will not go into water projects. Proposition 4 easily came ahead for infrastructure at hospitals. Proposition 5 is a no for Seniors Property Tax reductions, Proposition 6 a repeal of the fuel tax failed, Proposition 7 a change to Daylight Saving Time got a yes, Proposition 8 to regulate kidney dialysis treatments failed, Proposition 10 to regulate rent control was a no and Prop 11 for emergency ambulance workers to be on call was a yes. So was prop 12 for new standards for farm animals.

A veteran who killed three mental health care workers at the veterans home in Yountville this spring apparently threatened the women he killed several times before he actually did it. The Press Democrat reports Albert Wong had said he was frustrated and angry in the past with the Pathway Home and specifically threatened to come to the clinic and shoot the women to death. This in a report by the Napa County District Attorney’s Office released this week. Wong was kicked out of the clinic 2½ weeks before the March 9th massacre. Executive Director Christine Loeber, and therapist, Dr. Jennifer Golick and Dr. Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba, a psychologist were all killed. The report doesn’t say when he threatened the women or if they’d reported it.

Water projects in Calif. could be put on hold since voters said they didn’t want to borrow some $9 billion for water projects. Proposition 3 looked to be going down with 53 percent of voters opposed. The money would have been used to fix dams, store more water, work on watersheds, fisheries and habitat protection and restoration. The Press Democrat reports a bunch of the money was going to conservancies and state parks and nonprofits and local agencies for river parkways and for safe drinking water standards. But the Sierra Club and League of Women Voters of California were against it. Only $200 million was going to help fix the Oroville Dam which has added up to more than a billion in repairs after its spillways were damaged last year.

All eggs in California will have to come from cage-free hens by 2022. Proposition 12 was ahead last night for more humane farming. So in about 3 years there will be minimum requirements for the sizes of pens farmers use for breeding pigs and calves raised for veal. There will be no more sales of any product from hens, calves and pigs raised in other states that don’t meet California’s standards. This comes after the 2008 ballot measure banning keeping hens, calves and pigs in cramped cages, not allowing them to stand up, lie down or turn around.


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