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Cal Fire’s reporting fires due to gusty winds and low humidity. Wind speeds were less by midday today, but afternoon humidity is low and another round of strong Santa Ana winds in the south will go through till Wednesday morning. In Southern Calif. there’s another strong fire. And strong winds shifted toward San Diego County. They expect low relative humidity for most of Southern California the next three days and shifting winds with slightly cooler weather by the end of the week. The agency also expecting northeast winds of 20- 25 mph with gusts up to 50 mph in Sierra Foothill valleys thru today. They warn if there’s a fire near you, don’t wait to evacuate, be prepared to leave early.

A new report says both nature and humans are to blame for devastating wildfires in Calif, but fire scientists say it’s not due to forest management after President Trump tweeted about it. The winds are whipped up by nature and human-caused climate change is killing plants and trees. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research reports natural factors and human-caused global warming effects fatally collude. And a University of Utah fire scientist agreed separately saying there are several reasons for fires being so severe nowadays, but adds, “forest management wasn’t one of them”. This comes after the president tweeted there’s no reason for the massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. He also said billions are given each year to the state.

The Camp Fire has tied with a fire in Griffith Park in the 1930’s to be the deadliest fire in Calif. History. 29 people have been killed. There are still several people evacuated and roads are closed. Firefighters were working aggressively against flames as the town of Paradise is nearly gone altogether. Everyone in that town, Magalia, Concow, Butte Creek Canyon and Butte Valley were all evacuated. There’s a community meeting happening now at the State Theater in Oroville for those impacted. New evacuation centers are opening as many are full. The Camp Fire started last Thursday morning in the Feather River Canyon off Highway 70 and engulfed Paradise taking out more than 6,450 homes and 260 commercial buildings. The fire has burned 113,000 acres and is 25% contained.

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