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A man from Lucerne arrested this summer after his roommate was shot has a court date. Michael Finnegan arrested in June for assault with a firearm but he says it was self defense. His lawyer saying there’s new info now on the victim. The two sides entering a stipulation into court records regarding certain evidence in the case. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office had reported they responded to a man being shot by his roommate and when they got there, they found Finnegan outside and the victim with a wound to his chest inside, saying Finnegan shot him. The man was expected to recover, but Finnegan admitted he shot the guy, because he felt like he was being attacked. Finnegan in custody on $175,000 bail with his preliminary hearing set for Wednesday Nov. 28th.

A man in Lake County’s getting mental health treatment after being accused of shooting his daughter to death in Hidden Valley Lake last year. Steven Miller reportedly sent to a Jail Based Competency Treatment Program in Sacramento for restoration of mental competency, basically so he can stand trial and understand the proceedings against him related to the alleged murder of his daughter, Hannah Welch in May of 2017. Back in March a court found enough evidence to try him for murder and evidence too, that he was mentally incompetent. That meant the court proceedings had to be suspended while he got treatment. He’s pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity on all counts against him, plus he denied the special allegations.

A new report says Latino students in California are doing better in higher education but colleges and state policymakers need to help more, to close an ethnic achievement gap. The Campaign for College Opportunity, a nonprofit came out with the report after Los Angeles called for reforms including more enrollment at 10 University of California colleges across the state and at 23 California State University campuses so there’s more enrollment of those with Latino heritage and to improve community college programs so more transfers are guaranteed for four-year-schools if students take the right courses, getting high schools to offer more college prep classes and bolstering state college financial aid.

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