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Parking meters coming to downtown Ukiah. The City Council voted in favor of the meters. It comes after an ad-hoc committee came up with a plan for the meters in the downtown core. They’ll be located in front of free spaces and there won’t be any more permit-only spaces in the parking lots. The proposal approved last week to improve parking so the city can make some money on spaces located in front of businesses on School Street. The city’s apparently been losing money with some folks using two spaces downtown. The meters will be paid for with borrowed money. They city’s getting a $500,000 draw against future revenues from the parking district. That will pay for not only the new parking meters, but also lights, planters and new garbage and recycling containers.

More work on homelessness in Mendocino County. The Health and Human Services Agency met Tuesday on the matter, discussing the Homeless Mentally Ill Outreach and Treatment Program and the WholePerson Care pilot program. The Daily Journal reports that program will help find limited transitional housing support for those with mental health needs. The County also looking at creating a closer partnership with the Mendocino County Homeless Services Continuum of Care MCHSCoC which does administrative work and works with more than 20 agencies on homelessness in the County. They will come up with a plan of action to tackle homelessness and housing needs in the County, finding funding and programs to help.

Another tax hike proposal for a fire department may hit the next ballot in Lake County. The Lakeport Fire District Board of Directors is considering the hike just after the South Lake County Fire Protection District’s Measure L is behind in votes from the last election. It needed just about a half percent more. But of course it could change in the final tally. The Record Bee reports the Lakeport proposal is said to be a smaller tax though. It’s due to staffing cuts and a loss of revenue. The district is at three full time firefighters and three part timers. So the department is considering the tax hike to stay in the black. Tax rates outside the city haven’t gone up in 3 decades. They’ve not come up with how much of a hike in the tax rate they want.

Now 56 people are declared dead from the Camp Fire. 8 more bodies recovered in Paradise and the number of missing at more than 100. The Butte County Sheriff’s Dept. has identified 47 of the 56 so far. The latest findings were six people inside structures and two others, outside. They were still searching for remains with several cadaver dogs and hundreds of search and rescue personnel. Today the sheriff’s office is going to collect DNA samples from people who think they may have lost someone in the fire. 52,000 residents are still evacuated and more than 1,300 are in shelters. Some roads have reopened between Forest Ranch and Chico. The fire’s burned more acreage though, 138,000 acres now charred. The fire’s 35% contained. 8,756 homes gone. The fire now active east of Paradise Lake and growing near Big Bar Mountain on the east side of the North Fork of the Feather River, southeast of Pulga where it’s believed the fire may have ignited. There’s supposed to be rain next week which should help completely douse the fire, depending how long the rain sticks around.

A woman in labor at the start of the Camp Fire. The Mercury News is reporting Anastasia Skinner was waiting for help almost two hours while traffic jammed up in Paradise. The woman says she called her husband, who was elsewhere with their two sons and they said they final goodbyes, sure she would die waiting with thousands of other cars, as her contractions got stronger. She says she called 911 as her baby wasn’t due for a month more. So then she honked her horn and screamed for help and a man on a bike, a paramedic, a deputy and several strangers running from the fire helped her. The pregnancy, high risk, and supposed to be a cesarean. They helped her out though and rushed the woman to a hospital in Chico.

PG&E is speaking out after firefighter radio transmissions had announced there was a malfunctioning PG&E power line that might have been the cause for the Camp Fire. A woman who owns the town of Pulga said she got an email there might be sparks on lines near her home, which burned down in the fire. But now the utility company says it was actually a notification about upcoming work on a different transmission line in the email to her, not about any malfunctioning line. They were letting folks know they were going to be doing work on a transmission line which was de-energized and not operational when the fire started. A company spokesperson also says there’s been no discussion with any customer about sparks and PG&E infrastructure, and further says it’s a different line than one PG&E identified in its Electric Incident Report on Nov. 8, the day the fire broke out. There were downed power lines with flames under high-tension wires when firefighters arrived at the fire’s origin northeast of Pulga. The California Public Utilities Commission is investigating. PG&E stockholders have been selling off shares and trading stopped for the utility Monday as shares dropped more than 37 percent, but later leveled off.

PG&E’s stock devalued as rumors swirl the energy company could be to blame for the massive Camp Fire. The deadliest and most destructive fire in Calif. history. The utility reported it didn’t have enough insurance coverage if found liable for the fire that has killed 56 people and destroyed more than 8,750 homes. The stock fell by 37% Monday but leveled off at a nearly 20% loss. It fell about 7 bucks to $25.69. The utility reports it’s lost 47 percent of its value since the fire started last Thursday. It says they have 1.4 billion in wildfire liability insurance coverage for the year that ends July 31st of 2019. But apparently damage from this fire alone could add up to more than $15 billion. And a couple dozen residents of Paradise are suing the utility, blaming it for not maintaining its infrastructure and not properly inspecting its power transmission lines.

A man from Clearlake Oaks has died in a fight. Lake Co News reports the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is investigating how 54 year old Brian Smeltzer died after a fight. He was found in a car on Hoover Street in Clearlake Oaks. An autopsy will be conducted later this week.

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