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[title News 11/16/18

Winds will soon blow smoke out of the area bringing much needed relief from the bad air hanging over the state for the last week. Experts say that by Wednesday, Californians should be breathing easier. For now, those struggling with the bad air are advised follow doctor’s orders, or if possible leave the area until the smoke clears out. Meanwhile, the news on the ground got worse with the latest update. 63 have died in California wildfires, and some 631 people are currently unaccounted for. Ukiah Unified was open today, and say they will keep watching air quality, providing updates as conditions change. Most lake county schools were closed today, and Kelseyville schools expect to stay closed until after thanksgiving break. President Trump has planned a visit with authorities and victims of the Camp Wildfire this weekend. He lands at Beale Air Force Base tomorrow.

Would be volunteer firefighters turned out for Ukiah Valley Fire Authority’s weekly training sessions, just as fires scorched the state and smoke turned skies red. Volunteer firefighters must be over the age of 18, pass a medical exam, and drug test along with a background check and interviews. Volunteers are needed year round. Those interested can get more information at

Ukiah is getting a new Panda Express on Airport Park Boulevard after the planning commission green lighted a permit this week. The new restaurant will have a drive thru and be part of a larger complex that will be home to other businesses.

The 30 day statewide Official Canvas Period continues, as there are still thousands of ballots to be counted. A total of 8152, in fact, including over 6000 vote by mail ballots, over 1200 provisional ballots.

A public meeting will be held at 6pm at the Lake Port City Council Chambers on November 28th, for updates to the city’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan will address fire, drought and flood hazards along with plans to minimize losses during disasters. FEMA will soon require the Hazard Mitigation Plans to grant funds reimbursing losses.

The Mendocino County Juvenile Hall will stay open. The decision comes as the Mendocino County Board of operators met this week to discuss fears about the long term effects of closing the facility and the negative effects of prioritizing budgets over helping local youth.

A study focused on Math and English and skills needed to attend community college shows California’s Latino students making progress, but concludes that colleges and state policymakers can do more to close an achievement gap. The study was commissioned by the Campaign For College Opportunity, and highlights a few areas where reforms would be helpful. Specifically, expanding enrollment at the university of California, more College Prep Classes in high school, and increased state financial aid.

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