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Paradise Elementary school immediately evacuated the morning of November 8th, when the Camp Fire broke out. 3,800 of more than 4,200 students in the Paradise Unified School District lost their homes in the fire, the deadliest and most destructive in California history. Teachers, school board members have no homes and now probably no job, for a time. The fire burned eight of the nine schools in Paradise, more than 10,300 homes in the town of 27,000 residents. 77 people were killed in the fire that’s burned 150,000 acres. 993 are still missing as of last night. The fire’s 65% contained. Smoke from the fires in Northern and Southern California forced 180 K-12 districts which serve about 1.1 million students to close. The Woolsey Fire in Southern Calif burning in Ventura County and northern Los Angeles County.

A woman in Fort Bragg has been arrested for stealing a bunch of jewelry from her grandma. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports Michele Williamson took her 87-year-old grandma from a care facility, drove her home to Little River, where police say she stole about $20,000 in jewelry, but the grandmother needed medical assistance at home and had to go by ambulance to Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Williamson was apparently not allowed to be in the home to begin with, she was picked up elsewhere and arrested, and the jewelry was found there. Williamson is charged with suspicion of grand theft, stealing from an elder as a caretaker and possession of stolen property.

Nearly $5 million dollars in grant funding has been approved by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors for an expansion and for support of Veterans Resource Centers at community colleges throughout the state. The Superintendent-President Arturo Reyes announcing Mendocino College was one of 90 community colleges who got a bit of the money. They have an active Veteran’s Resource Center for veterans and active duty service members to help with academics as they come out of the military into school. Mendocino College reportedly looking for a better space now for their Veterans Resource Center to accommodate more students and have areas for study sessions, intake appointments, and a student lounge.

A warning from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. about a suspected credit card skimmer at gas stations in Hopland. The Sheriff’s dept. says there was a scanning device inside a gas pump. Police went to meet a County Agriculture Department representative who got a call after a possible identify theft at the gas station. The victim said it happened just after they purchased gas, and their pin was stolen. So a County Agriculture Weights and Measures representative investigated all the gas pumps and found four with scanning devices which have been taken as evidence. They then went to another gas station in Hopland and found 3 more scanners for a total of 7 of them found. Unconfirmed reports that several people were potentially affected. No arrests have been made.

A man in Ukiah’s been arrested for a domestic disturbance after a call last week from a woman who cops say had visible injuries. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept says Miguel Leon-Alvarado got into an argument with the woman he was in a relationship with, and another relative. They say he tried to stop his girlfriend from calling police, reached into her car and grabbed her phone. She then got a face injury. It didn’t stop, deputies say all of those there fell to the ground and the woman then hurt her knee too. Leon-Alvarado left the location but was caught later and arrested for domestic violence battery and booked on $15,000.00 bail

A new proclamation expected by the Lake County Board of Supervisors ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday against light pollution. District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele says 90 percent of the population in our country and in Europe can’t see the milky way from where they live so the Dark Skies Proclamation will, quote “set the tone” so there’s a review of the county’s plans for lighting that prevents nighttime brightness. There’s now support from several entities including the Cobb Area Council, Redbud Audubon Society and the Lake County Land Trust. It’s to promote an outline by Lake County to protect dark skies and promote “astro-tourism,” maintain an aspect of locals’ quality of life, and assist bird migration.

A bunch of weapons stolen in Scotts Valley. The Record Bee reports last Thursday morning someone broke into Greg and Kandee Stolesen’s home and took 30-40 firearms. They found their garage door open and some of their collection scattered across the floor. Their gun safes opened with a torch and the safe’s ripped off of Stolensen’s collection of mostly antique guns worth as much as $40,000. The couple apparently just recovering from the River Fire which scorched land all around their home, but spared it. No arrests have been made as of this weekend.

The president was in Northern Calif. to tour the damage left so far by the Camp Fire in Paradise. The president doubling down on his earlier comments blaming forest management. The president dissed firefighters for raking leaves around the fire, saying that should have been done sooner. The president met the Paradise Mayor and saw what was the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV Park. The visit just before the Butte County Sheriff announced five more bodies were found Saturday, now a sixth was found after the visit, bringing the total number of dead to 77. PG&E has also filed a second report about an outage the day the fire started, saying they had a power line failure near where the fire started.

Assemblyman Jim Wood in Butte County with the ominous task of helping to identify victims of the Camp Fire. The Northcoast Assemblyman is also a forensic dentist who’s previously been called on in other emergencies for the same thing. He tweeted that he was fortunate to be a #forensicdentist who can help identify victims of tragic disasters like the #CampFire to help families with closure. He went on to say he also helped after 9/11 & Hurricane Katrina and would do it again in a minute. He was in Sacramento last Friday where the remains are being shipped to a morgue for identification purposes.

It’s a no, the Mendocino-Lake Community College District board of trustees with a thumbs down for a raise for the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Student Services. The raises would have happened every year. The board asked the college administration for more information on salary comparisons for the executive office with other comparable colleges. They had considered it before, at their last board meeting, at which time the board asked for a delay to get that info. Right now the two Veeps make about $149,000 and if they were to get raises they would have been headed to the $164,000 to $172,000 range.

A timber yard manager in front of the Willits City Council saying the timber yard that opened near Willits High is causing abnormally high water bills. These residents asking the city council for a reduction in their water bills now. The Daily Journal reports the timber yard manager oversees other yards in Oroville and Weaverville with access to a river, pond or other water supply where water recirculates to cool logs and that reduces costs, but he doesn’t have that in Willits. Instead he uses a mister system, but his water bill was $9,000. He says the water rates in Willtis compared to similar-sized communities were almost twice as high. The city manager says he should speak to the Public Works utilities superintendent for non-potable water options for the timber yard. And the mayor also requested the council get updates on how that turns out.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors to take up a report about the district attorney’s use of resources, including a credit card and a county vehicle. Lake Co News reports the supervisors will also discuss some upcoming appointments needed at the Lakeport Fire Protection District Board. The meeting tomorrow morning , you can catch the stream live on the county website too as they discuss outgoing DA Don Anderson’s internal controls on county credit cards, expenses, reimbursements, mileage and maintenance of county vehicles. Supervisor Rob Brown also wants Anderson to explain his use of “limited county resources” and justify certain trainings as he leaves office at the end of December. Then the supes will consider a resolution for protocols moving forward on the appointment of director to the Lakeport Fire Protection District and a nomination since there’s a vacancy on the current fire board.

Because of the terrible air quality due to the Camp Fire, there’s no classes this week at Woodland Community College campuses. That means all three Woodland Community College campuses, in Yolo, Lake, and Colusa Counties are closed today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were already set for closure because of the Thanksgiving holiday. There will be classes Saturday though on the Woodland main campus, as scheduled. They will post any new closures on their website, Facebook page or Twitter.

Campus closure updates will be posted on the college Web site at, Facebook at @WoodlandCommunityCollege, and via Twitter @WCCNewsToday.

The search continues for those missing due to the Camp fire. Officials combing thru the wreckage of Paradise in Butte County. So far 77 people are confirmed dead and another 1,200 are missing. More than 10,000 homes destroyed and 150,000 acres have also burned. Much of the town of Paradise, incinerated. Lake Co News has posted the names of the missing on their site. The Butte County Sheriff’s Dept. and other allied agencies are trying to find the missing. 300 people who were on that list have been removed. Some people who have left the area or even the state, may not even know they’re listed. They want them to call the Sheriff’s Office so their names can be taken off the list.

Staff working the Missing Persons Task Force can be reached at 530-538-6570, 530-538-7544 and 530-538-7671.

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