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The Camp Fire has grown this weekend, but the containment is up to 65 percent. Word that the fire won’t be fully contained though until the end of the month. However rain is expected. The fire burning actively in the Feather River Canyon near Grizzly Creek. 77 people are confirmed dead after a body was found yesterday in Butte Creek Canyon. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office’s Missing Persons Call Center is open for those to call in and either report the names of missing people or report they’re found or no longer in the area. The fire’s blackened 150,000 acres and more than 10,000 homes and nearly 700 other buildings. They’ve also lifted some evacuation orders. Those going home, if it’s still standing, are being told their utilities have probably all been shut off. Anyone trying to get back in will have to show proof they live there.

Assemblyman Jim Wood in Butte County with the ominous task of helping to identify victims of the Camp Fire. The Northcoast Assemblyman is also a forensic dentist who’s previously been called on in other emergencies for the same thing. He tweeted that he was fortunate to be a #forensicdentist who can help identify victims of tragic disasters like the #CampFire to help families with closure. He went on to say he also helped after 9/11 & Hurricane Katrina and would do it again in a minute. He was in Sacramento last Friday where the remains are being shipped to a morgue for identification purposes.

It’s a no, the Mendocino-Lake Community College District board of trustees with a thumbs down for a raise for the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Student Services. The raises would have happened every year. The board asked the college administration for more information on salary comparisons for the executive office with other comparable colleges. They had considered it before, at their last board meeting, at which time the board asked for a delay to get that info. Right now the two Veeps make about $149,000 and if they were to get raises they would have been headed to the $164,000 to $172,000 range.

A timber yard manager in front of the Willits City Council saying the timber yard that opened near Willits High is getting abnormally high water bills. He was asking the city council for a reduction in their water bills now. The Daily Journal reports the timber yard manager oversees other yards in Oroville and Weaverville with access to a river, pond or other water supply where water recirculates to cool logs and that reduces costs, but he doesn’t have that in Willits. Instead he uses a mister system, but his water bill was $9,000. He says the water rates in Willits compared to similar-sized communities were almost twice as high. The city manager says he should speak to the Public Works utilities superintendent for non-potable water options for the timber yard. And the mayor also requested the council get updates on how that turns out.

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