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With over 80 dead, and more than 700 still missing due to wildfires, the difficult job of finding and identifying remains from the Camp Fire is about to become even more difficult with rains on the way. A flood watch has been issued for Wednesday, which will bring much needed relief for crews fighting wildfires, but the rains could wash away remains of victims yet to be identified, who may have run into open fields or drainage areas fleeing the fire.

Air quality has been a serious issue, so government agencies have been handing out N95 masks with the help of local companies, but are now in need of new supplies after running out. Kelly Moore paint stores are handing out free masks, you can pick one up at the Ukiah store while they last.

A mural funded by a donation to lake County Rural Arts Initiative will be used to raise much needed funds for lake county fire stations after recent fire seasons have strained resources. The Mural, “Only The Brave” shows firefighters battling a fire dragon, an image the artist says shows the courage it takes to fight massive fires like the ones seen recently in the state. A Go-Fund-Me page has been set up to trade prints of the mural for donations. You can see the painting and get more info at

The Ukiah Salvation army needs your help. If you can volunteer for a day to ring bells and gather donations during the holidays, you’ll be helping people right here in the community. Donations collected in Ukiah will stay in the area to help the homeless and working poor. You can volunteer for two hours, 20 hours or more with certain restrictions. Contact the Ukiah Salvation Army for more information.

According to paperwork filed with regulators and recorded radio transmissions, a PG&E power line near Poe Dam had damage reported around 6:15am on November 8th, right before flames were first noticed under the power lines. Another line in Concow was having issues about half an hour later and is suspected of sparking a second blaze. FEMA director Brock Long told President Trump on his visit to the disaster area that this is probably the worst disaster he’s seen in his career.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Student Services will not be getting a raise after all. The Mendocino-Lake Community College District Board of Trustees voted the issued down during their board meeting after reviewing salary information from other community colleges.

Increased costs are behind the vote by the Mendocino Lake Community College district board of trustees for backing out of the solar power purchase agreement. The agreement would have seen the construction of a solar energy system for Mendocino College. Unfortunately, the additional costs would have reduced the savings expected when the project was initially given the green light. The company has been given more time to find solutions to the extra costs.

Gas prices are down about 6 cents from last week, but Californian’s are paying the second highest prices in the country behind Hawaii. According to AAA, the state average is $3.63 a gallon. With lower gas prices comes more congestion for drivers to deal with, as some 49 million travelers are expected on the roads between tomorrow and Sunday. The most congested travel will be on Sunday between 1-6 with everyone heading back home at the same time.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office is giving thanks for recent donations made by local groups. Rising Stars Music Showcase of Ukiah donated a Garmin GPS, and remote training device for a K-9 on the force and Chadwick Armory of Ukiah donated a buddy bag that will also be used by a k-9 on the force.

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