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The first lawsuits against PG&E have been filed by 35 families who lost everything in the deadly Camp Fire. The families accuse the utility of failing to safely and properly maintain power lines and equipment. Among the allegations are claims that lines had ben throwing sparks in the area where the fire started, a problem PG&E had said would be fixed on Nov 7th, but the repairs never happened. PG&E is aware of the lawsuits, but said their main focus right now is assisting first responders and rebuilding infrastructure.

Three weeks after the Camp Fire started, more misery as flooding closed part of Route 99 in Butte County yesterday, stranding drivers and causing evacuations. Just under two inches of rain fell in burn areas causing debris flows and flash floods. CalFire Butte County Swift Water Rescue Team deployed to Butte Creek canyon to evacuate residents from three homes in the area. The National weather service says more heavy rain could fall in the region through Sunday.

California regulators have given PG&E until July 1st to make changes recommended after an independent firm was consulted about the company’s safety practices. Sixty suggestions were made by the firm after reaching the conclusion that the utility company lacks vision for safety programs, and that the company puts programs in place without thought as to how the programs will all work together. The California Public Utilities Commission says they want to see PG&E improve safety culture, and not just give outward appearances they are improving safety . PG&E says they have already adopted some of the regulations,and will implement more.

PG&E is testing a a new way to curb wildfires sparked by power lines. Burying them. A pilot project has been rolled out in Western Sonoma County to test the idea. The cables should be installed within then next month. PG&E estimates costs of burying the lines at $3 million per mile, compared to $800,000 for overhead lines. If successful, the company will look at burying the lines in high risk areas.

The more than 800 students in Paradise charter schools will be able to return to class on Monday. There were six charters schools in Paradise, two were destroyed, one badly damaged.

Final election results were released yesterday afternoon, confirming Gavin Newsom’s victory in the governor’s race. For US Senator, Kevin De Leon beats out Dianne Feinstein. For propositions one, two, four, seven eleven and twelve, it’s a yes. Propositions three, five, six, eight and ten all given the thumbs down by voters. Measure H is a no for Fort Bragg, Measure I for Willits gets the thumbs up.

The City of Clearlake may change how they budget and track spending if Clear Lake City Council gives City Manager Greg Folsom the green light on Dec 6th. A contract with a California company called OpenGov is on the docket for the meeting on Thursday at a cost of $160,000.00 over a five year contract. OpenGov provides resources and tools to help with budgets while cutting administration efforts in tracking them.

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