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A man on probation has been arrested again in Fort Bragg on several charges including possessing weapons. Deputies say they saw Luis Pineda and knew him to be on active probation and saw him hiding something in a pocket. They ordered him to show what it was, but deputies say he wouldn’t comply, then found a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and ammo. He also had meth in his possession. Deputies did a field sobriety test finding the guy was also high on something so they arrested him for possession of a controlled substance while armed with a firearm, being under the influence of a controlled substance, while armed, possession of stolen property and several other charges. He was held $35,000.00 bail.

A man in Point Arena’s been arrested after a probation search led to gun and ammo find. Deputies went to a home last Tuesday and found Kenneth Morris, who they knew was on active felony probation and prohibited to possess firearms and/or ammunition. A loaded rifle and boxes of ammo were found in Morris’s possession so he was arrested for possession of firearm by prohibited person, possession of ammunition by prohibited person, violation of felony probation and held on $25,000.00 bail.

Several local, state and federal agencies, contractors and utility providers are working in Paradise to help residents and businesses return to the area to assess damage. The Paradise Police Department is helping establish an orderly re-entry process with certain entry points so only residents and property owners are allowed initial access. They require ID or a utility bill and valid photo ID to prove residence or a business was there. They warn of dangerous conditions and exposure to hazardous materials. Butte County Environmental Health will provide re-entry health and safety kits at re-entry checkpoints too.

A drive by in Ukiah over the weekend leaves a home and 3 cars full of bullets. The Daily Journal reports it happened near Todd Grove Park around 7 AM yesterday. Police say they had several calls after about six shots were fired and at least two bullets went thru walls and some windows were broken out. The shooting’s under investigation, and there are no suspects so far. There were no injuries to anyone inside the house and the Journal reports nobody inside the home knew why they were targeted.

Final election results have been released by the Mendocino County election office. The numbers finalized last Thursday shows the three top winners in the Ukiah City council race as Maureen Mulheren, Juan Orozco and Jim Brown. John Haschak won the 3rd District Supervisor seat, Ted Williams for the 5th District race and various other races were finalized. The final tallies are noted on the Daily Journal website.

A public hearing’s being held on hazardous vegetation abatement by the Lake County Board of Supervisors. This is to require property owners to keep defensible space of 100 feet around their homes so a wildfire burning nearby will unlikely take the home down. This has been a law since the 1960’s. Lake County is looking to get stricter with requirements, 100 feet from a neighbor’s property too. And if there’s undeveloped land nearby, property owners could be responsible for that too. If residents don’t follow the rules, they could be fined or face jail time. But that would only be if it’s related to high risk fire days or red flag days. There would be a citing, then a period of time to get the weeds or brush out, and if it’s not taken out, then fines and possible jail time in severe cases. There would also be an appeal process.

Now 25 people missing in the Camp Fire ruins as opposed to more than a thousand a couple weeks ago. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office announced the latest number over the weekend after the November 8th fire became the deadliest and most destructive in state history. Paradise burned down and now thousands have no homes, some lived in the same home for decades and were forced to leave. Some of the missing apparently weren’t in touch with family members after finding a safe place to stay, so the missing numbers were really high for several days.

Swift water teams in boats had to go out to fire scarred areas after rains plowed thru Paradise last week. There were rescues at three homes in Chico and people in about 100 cars were told to stay in place. The rain slowed, but a messier pile was left behind with downed trees and power poles. About an inch and a half of rain fell in one hour Thursday. The water rescues in Chico happened where a lot of the fire evacuees from Paradise were staying. The mandatory evacuation orders are still in place for some places after the Camp Fire killed nearly 90 people and destroyed almost 14,000 homes.

Evacuation orders in burned areas of Magalia and Concow to be lifted so residents in Butte County can go assess their properties. No traffic’s allowed in the Town of Paradise. Warnings have been given to residents that they may have limited services and they should make sure they have food, water and fuel for their cars. They’re also warning against using generators for power and the local health office has issued a hazard advisory against living in any destroyed properties until they’re declared clear of hazardous waste, structural ash and debris.

Pile burning operations continue on the Boggs Mountain Demonstration Forest to remove hazardous vegetation. It’s supposed to keep on thru the winter next year. This is from the Valley fire and bark beetle infestation. The work’s been going on for three years and there’s been hundreds of slash piles that have to be burned or taken out. Cal Fire says their goal is to restore the forest to a condition deemed safe for public access. Even though the forest was open to the public this summer, there are still hazards that need tending to. Pile burns will happen on permissive burn days and there will be a large scale smoke management plan in pace.

A woman from Canada stranded days in her car after she got stuck in mud. Terry Harnish of Hubbards, Nova Scotia seeing friends on Thanksgiving and took a wrong turn on a dirt road and was rescued four days after. being found by teenage snowmobilers. The woman had a bad knee so she couldn’t walk in thick mud and fell down and laid there two hours, then got back in her car. She says she survived on a bottle of kombucha and a marzipan cake and occasionally turned the car on for heat until she ran out of gas. After a blizzard, the snowmobilers found her after she laid on her horn. The boy’s dad rescued her with a tractor.


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