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A man’s going to prison accused in connection to the disappearance of his former girlfriend. He pleaded no contest related to the case. Now the Sheriff’s office is letting us know about a press conference in the Missing Persons case. Khadijah Britton has been missing several months. Her family says it was Neggie Fallis who’s to blame. The press conference is Thursday, two days after Fallis is due in court on a related matter of possessing a firearm. He’s supposed to be getting four years behind bars. The Sheriff Tom Allman is expected to be joined at the Press Conference with the Family of Khadijah Britton, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Round Valley Indian Tribal Police Department. No further information has been released.

More than a dozen schools were damaged or destroyed in the Camp Fire and all schools in Butte County, nearly 100 of them, have been closed since the fire started on November 8th. So nearly 32,000 kids have been out of school for nearly a month. Some of them have now returned to their regular classes, but others are now in temporary locations until permanent places are assigned. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction says the schools reopening in the county are a bright ray of hope and shows the resilience and determination of school leaders and community members. So far 87 out of 99 of the schools in the county have reopened. Students from Paradise Elementary are going to Bird Street Elementary School in the Oroville City Elementary School District. And the kids who were at Bird Street are headed to other schools. Students from Concow are going to Spring Valley Elementary School in Oroville.

An insurance company that had been covering some impacted by the Camp Fire in Butte County is no longer, so California regulators are taking over. Merced Property & Casualty Company ends now insolvent after the fire devastated the town of Paradise after breaking out Nov. 8th. The State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says they’re not sure how many people were insured by the company or how many claims there were after the fire, but those folks will get their claims paid thru the California Insurance Guarantee Association. The company had a note on their website saying there was now a moratorium on new business due to the massive wildfire in Butte County. A judge will also apparently have to approve their liquidation proceedings today. Jones says some insurance companies could stop covering people in high risk fire areas and or raise premiums.

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