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Fun for the family as Ukiah on Ice has opened. The rink at Alex Thomas Plaza opened on Saturday with fanfare. The city of Ukiah, Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, and the Greater Ukiah Chamber of Commerce sponsoring the ice-rink near the plaza. It’s open every day thru Sunday, Jan. 6th. There are varied hours during the holidays though, so be sure to check it out. It’s $10 for a skate day session, and a skate pass for ten sessions is $85.

Some movement at the Capitol regarding the housing crisis in Calif. Democratic State Senators Jim Beall of San Jose and Mike McGuire of Healdsburg working on a solution with a specific focus on affordable housing for seniors, nurses, teachers, veterans and low and middle income Californians. The first of several bills introduced yesterday to fund affordable housing for working families and senior citizens and to spruce up neighborhoods in various communities. This first one known as the affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization bill is part of a series of housing bills they say will help streamline the permitting process and help with strategic density and update surplus property identification.

Critical infrastructure projects on the docket in the Assembly. North Coast Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters and others in the Assembly working on a constitutional amendment to give local governments more options to fund critical infrastructure projects, including expanded broadband, work on local roads, and affordable housing projects. Aguiar-Curry’s office says the bill would reduce the local vote threshold to approve bond and special tax measures from a two-thirds vote to a 55 percent majority. Her office says that would put housing and infrastructure projects on par with school proposals, so that cities, counties, and special districts have a practical financing tool to address community needs. Her office also noting that more than 2,200 local revenue measures have been voted on with about 80 percent of the two-thirds supermajority measures getting more than 55 percent but failing.

More rain on the way with colder weather accompanying it. There should be clear days mid week, then showers headed our way again. The National Weather Service forecasting light rain with snow in higher elevations through tomorrow, with the heaviest downpour tonight. There could also be fast moving wind today, clearing it out before another system this weekend which is supposed to go on thru next week. The temperatures will be in the mid 50’s with lows in the 30’s and 40’s.

A lawsuit back in play now which challenges restrictions on political party preference on ballots. Right now there are six political parties that can appear on ballots, next to a candidate’s name. Now the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision dismissing a case after a candidate wanted to list his party preference as Socialist. Emidio Soltysik sued to have it allowed, ending up having to put down no party preference because the Socialist Party was not a qualified party listing.

A new number for the amount of people killed in the Camp Fire. The Butte County Sheriff revised the number from 88 to 85 dead, determining remains collected were from one person, not more. The remains were apparently gathered in separate bags and given separate case numbers. There’s been no new remains found so far this week, just like the last few days too. The search is over for human remains in fire burned areas, but they say there could be undiscovered remains as residents return to their homes and properties. The number of those missing has also been adjusted, to 11. They’ve been able to account for more than 3,100 people since the fire started and continue to try to locate the 11 missing. The Sheriff says they’ll continue until they’ve exhausted all leads.

Evacuation orders have been lifted in some areas of Paradise after last week’s storm. The Sheriff’s office in Butte County says unless they have some sort of setbacks, they will lift more evacuation orders by the end of this week. One is a major thoroughfares thru town, Pentz Road, which the Sheriff says they’re trying to get open so there’s passage from Magalia down to the valley. Right now there’s a detour which takes a long time. There’s also a bus route running from Magalia to Chico which will now be able to travel thru Paradise and the burn zone in lower Magalia. The Paradise Police Chief is also urging residents going home to be patient at police checkpoints and be ready to present a valid form of identification, like a driver’s license, state ID card or passport.

A lawsuit’s been settled between UC Berkeley and some conservative student groups who were accusing the school of discriminating against certain speakers on campus. So the university will have to pay Young America’s Foundation $70,000 in lawyer fees and has to take a look at its major events policy. There will be an online report published by UC Berkeley as well showing all major events at the end of the school year and the fees the school collected. The University also has to change its security fee schedule and hold it for at least three years. Now the student groups will file a notice to dismiss the suit filed after some events were canceled due to security concerns.

Several thousand green-card holders who want to enlist are going to recruit training. The recruits held up in court in Northern Calif. after a policy by the Trump administration was suspended so their background checks could be done in a stricter fashion. Apparently some immigrants with green cards have been waiting to serve until they had a full background check. A new directive says all armed services have to comply immediately with a preliminary injunction after the ACLU argued in court against the Trump administration’s more stringent policies.

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