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Free admission to Redwood state parks in Calif many times a year and now a program to help residents get out and discover the Redwoods has its last free day, this Saturday. So bring a car full of people, because a vehicle is free at 45 state parks. This is all part of the 100th anniversary of Save the Redwoods League, out of San Francisco. They’re organizing the free day with the state Department of Parks and Recreation. You have to sign up before you go though, it’s not a drop in kind of thing, register for your free day-use pass at

A man in Austin, TX almost crashes his car, thinking there’s a man stuck hanging Christmas lights. Turns out it was a fake Clark Griswold, hanging off a rain gutter. Alfred Norwood Jr. says he slammed on his brakes, stopping his truck and got out to make sure the man he noticed in the blue plaid shirt, jeans and Velcro sneakers was okay, thinking he was tangled in a string of holiday lights. And surveillance video at the house caught the whole thing with Norwood running up to the house saying hold on, can you reach it, pushing the ladder his way. The homeowners say they felt terrible, but then laughed out loud. So they bought Norwood a gift from the jelly of the month club.

Lake Mendocino dam operators looking to store as much as 4 billion extra gallons of water this winter. The water for residents, ranchers and fish in the upper Russian River area and for residents in Sonoma and Marin county neighborhoods. That could give nearly 100,000 people water for a year as part of a $10 million program. It’s over four years, and this will be the test run. High tech weather forecasts and computer models will hopefully zero in on when rain will fall. The four year program approved after an error about six years ago when dam operators released more than a third of the water thinking storms would come, but they never did. That was during the state’s multi year drought.

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