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Mental health care workers at Kaiser Permanente on a five day strike. Those picketing were planning their walkout today across the state to bring attention to what they say are critical staff shortages and unequal benefits. About 4,000 psychologists, therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and others who are part of the National Union of Healthcare Workers are planning a demonstration Friday as well. So if you’ve got a mental health care appointment this week, you may find it canceled. The president of the union says it’s all in long-term best interest of patients, adding right now, they’ve got to wait a month or more to get a follow-up appointment because of low staffing levels. Kaiser says it’s just a bargaining tactic.

A family finds their cat in the ruins of the camp fire. Their home destroyed by the fire that killed 85 people and burned 14,000 buildings. The Press Democrat reports Courtney Werblow and her family went back to her parents’ destroyed home in Paradise this past weekend and found Timber, standing there. They recorded a video of when she sees her cat for the first time… you can hear the joy and tears… The woman tells ABC10 TV that it gave her and her family hope after her parents lost everything in the fire.

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