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Final results of the November 6th election have been approved by the Ukiah City Council. And the newest council member, Juan Orozco, the first Latino to be elected to the council, was sworn in. Maureen Mulheren, the new Mayor, got the most votes for her re-election, then Orozco was in second place and incumbent Jim Brown rounded out the top 3, they were all sworn in last Wednesday.

A group of firefighters from Mendocino County working the Camp Fire. The Record Bee reports firefighters from Clear Lake also prepositioned ahead of the fire after the fire chief asked the Lake County Office of Emergency Services for help at local departments after the River and Ranch fires. More than a dozen Mendocino County task force staffers went to Lake County Nov. 6th then they were off to the Camp Fire. They worked two weeks of 24 hour shifts in the Feather River Canyon, then to Big Bend above Lake Oroville.

North Coast U-S Senator Kamala Harris has introduced the Northwest California Wilderness, Recreation, and Working Forests Act to the Senate. It’s a companion bill to another by North Coast Congressman Jared Huffman, a bill he’s been working on several years. It would mean preservation in wilderness areas like coming up with fire-prevention strategies, protecting rivers, and protecting or repairing areas impacted by illegal cannabis operations on public lands. Huffman says he’s excited to work with Harris, a long time champion of public lands and the environment. The bill would protect more than 313,000 acres of federal public lands forever from road-building and other development.

A new mayor and vice mayor are being appointed in Clearlake. The City Council is appointing the two leaders at their meeting Thursday which is the last meeting for the current mayor, Bruno Sabatier who’s been elected to the Lake County Board of Supervisors. The mayor and vice mayor are appointed annually by a majority vote of the council. The City Manager Greg Folsom says they’ve not come up with names yet, and that would be discussed at the meeting. The council is also taking up Folsom’s new contract, where he’s looking for a five percent raise to nearly $113,000.

The new board members on the Lakeport Unified School District board, who basically ran together on the same platform, take their seats this week. Dan Buffalo, Carly Alvord and Jen Hanson to be seated Thursday. The Record Bee reports Buffalo saying last month improving teacher retention, reviewing how Measure T Bond money’s managed and looking into discipline concerns are his top three priorities. The board’s got to make a decision about selling $4 million more in Measure T Bonds. The new budget, enrollment and chronic absenteeism are also on the agenda.

Power lines across the state will be scrutinized closer after several massive wildfires. California utility companies are going to insulate power lines, do more inspections and build new weather stations in high risk areas. Southern California Edison says it’s going to spend nearly $600 million dollars on the work and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. recently announced it’s going to inspect 5,500 miles of power lines and build several hundred new weather stations for better forecasting.

A man in Clearlake injured seriously, found near his mom’s house and police are trying to figure out what happened to him. Lake Co News reports 29 year old Nicholas Vining, known as “Caveman,” was found seriously injured last Monday, Dec. 3rd with head trauma and other injuries. Cops say they have little info on what might have happened to him. Social media posts, including a GoFundMe page, say he was attacked on Old Highway 53 when school was getting out for the day, and it was three or four teenage boys who jumped him. There are no witnesses though. He apparently made it to his mother’s home after the attack but he had a brain bleed and apparently hasn’t spoken since. The Lake County Superintendent of Schools has also gotten involved asking the school resource officer in Clearlake to try to help with the investigation.

Here’s a link to the GoFundMe page where they’re trying to raise $10,000 to help his mother with travel and lodging costs to visit him, and for other medical expenses.

More than 600 million dollars from Caltrans by way of the California Transportation Commission for several hundred transportation projects including $80 million from SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. That means almost $2M for Lake County near Upper Lake between Irvine Avenue and Mid Lake Road. It’s to include improved curves and wider shoulders on Highway 20. The director of Caltrans says they’re continuing to focus on rehabbing the state highways, with improved pavement, bridges, culverts, and intelligent transportation systems, all part of the performance requirements of SB 1. There’s more than 200 planned transportation projects.

Police in Lakeport on the lookout for someone they say stole a woman’s purse at a city car wash. It happened a week ago, a 71-year-old woman at the car wash where she says a younger woman was watching her, then when she was distracted, the younger woman went into her car, took her purse, and took off. There’s surveillance video, which is posted on Lake Co showing the women stealing the purse. Police say they’ve not been able to figure out who the suspected thief is though and are hoping someone will recognize her. They’re asking anyone who may have info, to call the department or send an anonymous tip by texting TIP LAKEPORT to 888777 or you can also send a private Facebook message to the @LakeportPolice page.

Three civil liberties group saying the Dept. of Justice saying they’re violating constitutional privacy rights by collecting and holding onto DNA profiles of those arrested for alleged felonies but never convicted. The groups say the California police agencies were collecting DNA profiles since 2009 when someone’s arrested, but now there are advances in DNA technology analysis with results in hours. A lawsuit’s filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a former ACLU staff attorney on behalf of the Equal Justice Society and Center for Genetics and Society.

A Baskin Robbins ice cream worker in Seattle being hailed a hero after fighting off a serial armed robber who they say threatened another employee with a large knife. Video from inside the business November 25th shows the employee fighting the would be robber with hands and fists, then they grab a large knife the thief dropped, and they took off… with $6. The man demanded cash and one employee seen on video grabs the dude’s knife tosses it at the suspect who then fights with the guy, gets the cash and takes off. They’re offering a $1,000 cash reward for tips to identify the armed robber.

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