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Pacific Gas and Electric Company workers walking neighborhoods inspecting transmission lines. Kym reporting the workers looking at the Bridgeville-Cottonwood electric transmission line that goes through Humboldt and Trinity Counties. They’re looking at more than 600 PG&E transmission poles and the related components and may go into private properties. The safety inspections of towers and poles in high risk fire areas as a precautionary measure. Crews are putting in six day weeks depending on weather. And they’re notifying customers when they need to get onto private property. They have photo id cards on them and wear safety vests. It’s all part of their Community Wildfire Safety Program, which is on top of their routine inspections and maintenance programs. They’re also doing visual inspections on about 50,000 towers and poles across more than 5,500 miles of transmission lines thru next year.

A new rule could be costly for those frequently traveling across the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bridge District board was hearing proposals today to bring the toll rate up because of a $75 million dollar budget gap due to higher labor and material fees and because of the demand on transit. The toll fare options are varied, with one to fill that $75 million dollar void, and another to raise $25 million more. A spokesperson for the Golden Gate Bridge District says the extra money is needed to cover maintenance for the existing service and to invest in future major capital needs.

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