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A woman wanted in court in connection to the disappearance of a woman in February now has a felony bench warrant out for her arrest. Antonia Bautista-Dalson of Covelo due in court Monday, but she never showed. Now police are on the lookout for her as she was supposed to be sentenced as an accomplice for possession of a firearm by a felon, that felon, Negie Fallis of Covelo. The pair admitted guilt after Fallis was arrested for an incident involving missing woman Khadijah Britton, Fallis’ former girlfriend. He got four years in prison . Bautista-Dalson was released on bail after she was arrested in August, showed up in court in October, but not for her sentencing. Britton disappeared after her family says she was first held at gunpoint by Fallis. Baustita-Dalson admitted she was an accomplice, helping Fallis hide guns.

A Xmas dinner is being offered by the Plowshares Peace and Justice Center in Ukiah. The dinner is actually lunchtime today from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 1346 S. State St. The volunteer organization is offering the meal to community members including honey glazed ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and bacon, salad and rolls. There’s also dessert. They’re partnering at Plowshares with Elks Lodge to bring Ms. Claus and Santa’s elves, to hand out books to kids there. The gifts provided after the Adventist Health toy drive, so kids will also receive gifts as part of the program today.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors considering higher contributions to the Sheriff’s dept. health plan. This after the Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s Association asked for it saying they’re understaffed and that’s partly because of how expensive it is to get healthcare. The Sheriff’s office is down 52 people, mostly patrol positions are needed. They’re only 37 percent filled. There are also only four of eight sergeant positions filled and 11 of 32 deputy positions are filled. There are also openings in the correctional department. The Sheriff says they have to first fill the correctional positions over patrol positions. Some board members say they’re limited with what they can do, but understand the problem, and will try to find solutions.

The State Assembly considering allowing marijuana businesses to be able to take the same tax deductions as other businesses. The businesses are limited because of federal law. Legal cannabis businesses can’t take any deductions before paying taxes, so they pay higher rates than other legal business in California. In a past session, lawmakers had passed a similar bill, but Gov. Brown veto’d it saying it would cost too much to the state’s general fund. The bill was then reintroduced this session since there will be a new governor pretty soon.

A bunch of registered sex offenders and other high risk offenders arrested as part of a sweep in Clearlake. Police detectives and parole officers arrested more than a dozen people, some were taken to jail. This after a search warrant at one home where there was an ongoing investigation and several baggies of processed marijuana, chemicals and materials associated with the illegal cultivation and sales of marijuana.

An ex Lake County teacher previously arrested in identity theft cases involving his adult children has been sent to prison for grand theft from a Lake County couple. George Tanner McQueen of Sacramento got three years for grand theft and a two-year bail enhancement. The grand theft at the time he was also involved in the identity theft case with his son and daughter. He got time for that crime in Placer and Sacramento counties last year. He’s a former Yuba College dean and a former employee of the Lake County Office of Education. For the latest case a couple in Lake County went to McQueen for tax services, finding out he transferred $103,000 from their accounts to use as his own. He claimed it was a glitch, but never returned their money. He reached a plea deal and will return to court for a restitution hearing in February.

The Soda Creek Station on the Upper Lake Ranger District of the Mendocino National Forest has solar panels. It’s all part of the Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies, or AFFECT, Off-Grid Renewable Energy Project. The work done last week as one of five pilot projects in the same region. The systems to be installed where stations primary power comes from generators. There will be monthly info collected on the energy used and analyzed for the next ten years to see if more systems should be installed across the Forest Service.

State Sen. Bill Dodd says it’s time for new executive leadership at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. The request after a report by the California Public Utilities Commission on falsifying documents for underground gas pipelines, like one that exploded and killed 8 people in San Bruno in 2010. The utility company is also facing possible major fines and is already being sued for last year’s fires, now there are more fires this year to contend with. Dodd says the utility giant demonstrated a pattern of poor management and illegal conduct that’s shattered lives across California, saying there needed to be systematic change.

Fort Bragg short police officers, with three vacant positions. The Advocate newspaper reports there’s also a vacant community service officer position, and reports two officers are out on extended medical leave. And two others taking part in the Family Medical Leave Act. The city’s Public Safety Committee met earlier this week to discuss the matter and possible applicants after some recent recruitment. The City Manager says they’ve been actively looking to fill the positions since July. They’re also considering temporarily using some deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office which the Sheriff has agreed to do on a short-term basis.

A young man in Florida’s been cited after workers at a McDonald’s say he tried paying with a bag of weed. Port St. Lucie police say the man got a hard no when he offered to trade the pot for the food, but after Anthony Gallagher drove away, he came back and did it again. He was arrested the following day on marijuana possession and driving under the influence charges.

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