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A man’s been arrested after reports a white GMC Denali was stolen in a robbery in Southern Humboldt County. Deputies reported the man, identified as Franklin Molina also had several firearms, $30,000 in cash and marijuana, all taken in the robbery. Police found and chased the Denali and used Onstar in the SUV to disable it from moving. Then there was a standoff with Molina, with demands given in English and Spanish. The CHP helping deputies as Molina was not listening to commands. A crisis negotiator was brought in and spoke in Spanish to Molina who they say threatened to kill them. They say he also sprayed something inside the car and appeared to be holding a weapon. So a SWAT team came in and shot him, but he ran away. Then a police dog went after him and took him down. He was taken to the hospital, then cleared for jail and charged with several crimes and held on $250,000.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested after deputies went to serve an arrest warrant. Luis Pineda on probation and on pretrial release for a pending felony weapons case. He was arrested without incident. But while there deputies saw a couple of emaciated dogs. They had not eaten or had water for a lengthy amount of time, so the dogs were taken and fed and given water. Then taken to Animal Care for further treatment and care. He’s charged with cruelty to animals, violation of probation, commit felony while on pre-trial release for pending felony and for the misdemeanor arrest warrant.

A man has been arrested in Fort Bragg with drugs and drug sales paraphernalia on him. Deputies on patrol say they saw Daniel Sanchez who was a passenger in a car and knew he was on parole and had run from them in the past. He had a warrant out for his arrest, but they lost sight of the vehicle. Then soon after they saw the car in a motel parking lot and arrested him. When searching the car, they say there was a good amount of suspected methamphetamine and other items indicative of drug sales. They took him to jail and held him without bail.

A woman in Fort Bragg’s been arrested after a call she was disturbing people at a home. Deputies say when they got there they found Amica Wetzler walking away with something concealed under her arm. They found her with a large fixed blade knife and arrested her for possession of a concealed dirk or dagger, without incident. But they found, while holding her, she was on pre-trial release for a pending felony burglary case. So she’s charged additionally with committing a felony while on pre-trial release for a pending felony matter. She was being held in Mendocino County Jail on $25,000.

A vote’s been delayed by the Ukiah City Council about whether there should be a declaration of a shelter crisis so certain projects can qualify for the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) grant funding being allocated by the State of California. This was considered at the last City Council meeting since the county is getting almost $5 million dollars in grant money for homelessness. City staff was reportedly trying to find shovel ready projects to use the money for related to money allocated for Continuum of Care projects, as outlined for these specific grants. A couple of members of the public urging the council to declare a shelter crisis, but the council tabled the discussion until after the New Year.

The so-called Purple Pipe Project in Ukiah gets an infusion of money. The Daily Journal reports the City Council has approved $700,000 to move utility lines underground. The staff report says it’ll help with future needs of undergrounding currently overhead facilities, and to cut possible disruptions to the street after new roadwork was done.

A North Coast Assemblyman has traveled to the border to bring toiletries and other items to migrants. Marc Levine of San Rafael brought four boxes of dental hygiene kits requested by some of the shelters’ nonprofit operators. He said he was doing fact finding visits to both sides of the border at San Diego, paying for the trips with his own money. The San Diego-based nonprofit Border Angels operates one of the Tijuana shelters, and says it’s a humanitarian crisis. Levine was there to serve Christmas lunch to about 100 men, women and children.

The state’s gone up on a list of the healthiest states in the country. We are now 12th in the 29th annual “America’s Health Rankings” report. The report did find however, that obesity had hit a record high in the country and say it has affected more than 30 percent of adults for the first time in their reporting. And in California, the obesity rate was 23 percent. The report shows there were more people ranked as obese with lower education. Obesity was lower among college grads than those without a college degree. It showed the national suicide rate 16 percent higher than it was in 2012. And that drug deaths were up by 25 percent across the nation. Child poverty rates were down across the country. The healthiest state Hawaii and Louisiana the least healthy.

A new report shows charitable donations have set a record but along with that goes hundreds of millions lost to fraudulent causes. The fraud cases in 2018 hit a new high with people saying they were scammed out of money supposedly to help the military or veterans. But it had a positive spin as regulators in every state joined the Federal Trade Commission for Operation Donate With Honor. The FTC and the California Attorney General’s Office reminding how to be sure your donations are going to real causes… check with the Better Business Bureau and other noted sources like Charity Navigator, CharityWatch or GuideStar. They say if there’s no registration for the charity on those sites or if there’s no obvious notation of federal tax-exempt status or financial information, it’s a red flag.

A woman who lost a diamond ring which was a family heirloom from the Great Depression in the Camp Fire, retrieves it. Heather Thornewood reportedly found the ring in the her home’s ruins. The fire burned her home and she thought, the ring her great-great-grandfather gave to her great grandmother, who was around 16-20 during at the time. She says she’s not even sure what the ring’s worth, to her it’s invaluable. She got the ring from her grandma when she turned 16. She has moved since the fire, from Paradise, where they were for seven years, to Yuba City. The ring apparently survived intact, which a little bit of blackening.

The Gov. Jerry Brown has pardoned more than 140 people, including Oroville’s mayor-elect, Chuck Reynolds. The pardons on Xmas Eve, a tradition for the Governor who leaves office next month. For his last eight years in office he’s pardoned nearly totaling 1,200 people and had 152 commutations, including one man guilty of a 1995 Glenn County murder. So he’s now eligible for parole. And has been an exemplary inmate. Others included someone in prison for meth manufacturing, served time and is now a drug counselor who lost her home in the Camp Fire.

A teenage drug dealer busted and pictured being carried down the street in his underwear by police. The photo shows a burly looking cop in the United Kingdom carrying Rhys Williams, over his shoulder, because he said he had sore feet. The cop laughing. The kid arrested for being in an organized crime gang running drugs. He got more than two years in jail with nine other people in North Wales who had heroin and cocaine. The total sentence for their crew almost 32 years. One of the dealers apparently showed up at the police station with thousands of pounds of heroin and crack cocaine, leading to the sting over four weeks.

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