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New rules for deer tag holders. If you want to tag a deer, you’ve got to submit a harvest report for any 2018 tag by the end of Jan. All tag holders have to turn in their report even if they didn’t go out and hunt or if they did, but were not successful. Those with a tag who don’t report their harvest will be charged a penalty of about $22 when they go to buy their 2019 deer-tag drawing application or deer tag. To report your harvest online, please visit For more information, please visit or call (916) 928-5805.

Cops on the lookout for someone who shot a bike rider near the Oregon border. Police say a man was riding his bike across Hwy 96 in Orleans. They say a white passenger van pulled up behind the bicyclist and shot them in the leg, made a u turn and headed south on the Highway. The victim went to the hospital and was treated for what appeared to be a bird shot, ammo commonly used in shotguns. His injuries were said to be non-life threatening.

Good cops on Christmas Eve… Some members of the Clearlake Police Officers Association went with Santa to deliver toys to families in Clearlake. They’ve been at it for more than 15 years. All year long members of the Association meeting with families and kids in tough times, and thru those contacts, they pick families for visits with Santa. Then Christmas Eve, Santa and officers deliver toys to the kids. This year there were twenty children. The Clearlake Police Officers Association says the program’s successful because of community support.

A bunch of new traffic laws start in the new year. Now kids under 18 have to wear helmets on a bike, scooter, skateboard or skates. For those who don’t comply, they’ll get a “fix-it” ticket and a $25 fine, but the fine will be waived for a child that goes to a bike safety course. If they don’t, the parent or guardian will have to pay the fine. They’re calling them correctable citations, not criminal. Another ticket or fine having to do with bicyclists who get into accidents, they will be cited if they leave, just like a hit and run in a car.

A young man from Ukiah busted for DUI Christmas Eve, cops say he hit a power pole, splitting it in 3 pieces and injuring his passenger. The CHP reports the accident on Talmage Road early Christmas eve, his sedan crashing through a fence, shearing off a power pole, then the car came to a stop on its side. The driver, 20 year old Guillermo Mendoza-Gonzalez was arrested for DUI causing injury. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority also responded, reported a 24 year old woman, the passenger, was trapped, but had only minor injuries when they extracted her. PG&E reports more than 1,700 customers lost power after the crash in Ukiah and Boonville for about 90 minutes.

Residents in McKinleyville saying no to a Dollar General Store. The store’s already being built across the street from the local high school, but some community members aren’t thrilled with the idea, especially the fact the store’s applying for a liquor license. The Municipal Advisory Committee reports some residents have been complaining about it because of its proximity to the high school and booze. Others say it just doesn’t fit the aesthetics of the community. We’re heard this before in Lake County when the planning commission and Board of Supervisors said no the store in Kelseyville.

In one of his final official acts, Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered new DNA tests for a man in prison for a mass murder. Kevin Cooper’s lawyers say he was framed for a 1983 hatchet and knife murder of 4 people. A tan T-shirt and orange towel that were found then by the scene of the crime, plus the hatchet handle and sheath will also be tested. The man was found guilty in 1985 for the massacre of Doug and Peggy Ryen, their 10-year-old daughter and 11-year-old neighbor. Cooper’s already had DNA testing done, something prosecutors say shows he’s guilty. But Cooper and his lawyer say the evidence was planted. The Governor has appointed a retired judge to oversee the case. The case drawing national attention with Sen. Kamala Harris, state Treasurer John Chiang and even reality star Kim Kardashian calling on the Brown to order new DNA tests.

No reports yet on how many jobs have been lost due to the Camp Fire. Just last week the state unemployment numbers were released which actually showed job growth in the state along with some job losses, but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year. Cuts in agriculture, construction and manufacturing jobs were expected in Butte County. The Employment Development Department reports November unemployment for Butte County at 4.3 percent, up a tick from the 4.2 percent in October, with 4,600 residents actively looking for work. Next month might give us a better overall picture.

A young man from Oroville has pleaded guilty to murder and faces 15 years to life in prison. Court papers say 19 year old Juan Ortega Morales III pleaded guilty last month for the August 2017 beating death of 62-year-old Howard Brimm, also of Oroville. Morales was about to go to trial, but changed his plea, for a deal with the Butte County DA, instead pleading guilty to second-degree murder. Cops say when Morales was 17 years old, in July of 2017, he followed Brimm, beat him, stomped on his head. He died later. He addressed the court last month saying he felt bad and his heart hurt every day since the incident. When he was interviewed after though, he said Brimm called him a name and he felt disrespected by him. A witness didn’t corroborate that. Morales remains in jail without bail.

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