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Two members of the Ukiah City Council have voted against issuing Garton Tractor a permit for more space to service farm equipment. The extra space is needed due to the volume of work, and waits of up to ten weeks. The Daily Journal reports that it was concerns over close proximity to the Ukiah Municipal Airport that motivated the members to vote the request down. Council member Doug Crane had concerns about weather or not the FAA and the Mendocino County Airport Land Use Commission had seen the plan.

Roof replacement for high priority buildings is now a priority for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors after it’s meeting earlier this month. Specifically, the roofs on the Administration Center, Mendocino County Jail, Emergency Operations Center and Jail Programs buildings. Planning is underway for the Main Jail building and the Emergency Operations Center Building at estimated costs of $865,000 and $700,000 respectively.

A warning to Lake County residents about a scam reported to the California Highway Patrol’s Kelseyville office on Wednesday. A man came in reporting that his girlfriend had been kidnapped for ransom. CHP investigated, finding the woman safe and sound. The scam, which involves a phone call saying a family member is being held captive is not new, but it is popping up again locally. The FBI says indicators that a call is a scam are area codes 787, 939 and 856, or Puerto Rico. Callers make an attempt to keep you on the phone and prevent you from calling or finding the alleged victim.

A reminder by Ukiah Police to never leave your car running and unattended after a 2003 Honda accord stolen as it warmed up outside a home on Ford Street on Wednesday. The car was found by police in a Wall Mart parking lot on Airport BLVD less than an hour later. Two suspects were found near the car going through it’s contents and were booked into the Mendocino county jail.

Looking for easier access to research, the University of California is challenging what they see as an outdated subscription model now that their contract with the largest journal publisher is about to expire. UC is threatening to drop all subscriptions with Reed Elsevier, meaning that if the there is no agreement reached, over 20,000 faculty and over 250,000 students will lose wide access to new research. The hope is that other large facilities will do the same thing, lowering the cost of access to the research and forcing a more open system of sharing information.

Since 2011, Governor Jerry Brown has pardoned 1332 inmates, far more than previous governors. The governor added 143 to the tally this week, a total 273 for the year. He also ordered evidence in a 1983 murder case that sent Keith Cooper to death row after the murder of four people in Chino Hills to be reviewed.

Willits Police got several calls reporting a possible drunk driver on Saturday, one caller saying the driver had just swerved off the roadway. A Willits police officer who was on a different DUI call left and went to investigate the reports on Sherwood Road. When he arrived, he tried getting the woman in the car to get out, but she put the car in gear, knocked the officer down and dragged him 30 feet under the vehicle. Mendocino County Sheriffs deputies were able to get the officer out from underneath the car and he was transported to Howard Memorial Hospital. He suffered only minor injuries, and was released on Sunday. The woman was arrested for DUI.

New gun laws go into effect in California with the start of the new year on Tuesday. The laws prevent anyone younger than 21 from buying rifles or shotguns unless they are military, law enforcement or licensed hunters. Anyone with a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction will also be banned from owning a firearm. A law going into effect in July requires background checks for ammunition purchases. One that takes effect in January of 2020 says that anyone who has been hospitalized for mental health issues more than once in a year will also be banned from owning guns.

A report out yesterday concluded that a bank established for the cannabis industry would put state funds and workers at risk, possibly tanking an effort to establish a public bank for marijuana companies in California. The issue according to experts, is that since marijuana is still illegal under federal law, most banks wont open accounts for businesses in the sector.

Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County is hoping to open a no wast factory to manufacture walls and floors for prefabricated homes. They hope to obtain a warehouse in Central Santa Rose for the project, with the goal of building out 600 new homes in Sonoma County over the next eight years where over 5300 homes were destroyed in recent fires.

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