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Garton Tractor gets a no on their request for a permit for more space to service local agricultural equipment. The Daily Journal reports two members of the City Council gave the permit application a thumbs down vote because it would have been too close to the airport. The company was trying to get a permit for a 7,500-square-foot building with five service bays. The Planning Commission said yes last year, but there was one hold out, Council member Doug Crane filed an appeal, but then the company reduced the size of their project. Then it was found the airport didn’t have an updated map either. An overrule of the vote failed after 2 Council members voted no.

Some roofs in Mendocino county need replacing so the county has a roof report on high priority buildings in process. County staff putting the report together with some roofs getting priority over others. Some in the Administration Center, the Mendocino County Main Jail, and the Emergency Operations Center and Jail Programs buildings were noted as high priority 1, the highest level. So now the planning begins to get the building’s new tops. The Main Jail building and the Emergency Operations Center building will get theirs first and the Board Of Supervisors will consider a future agenda item to place money aside for the Administration Center.

It’s been almost a year since marijuana started to be sold in retail outlets in Calif, but Mendocino County is moving slower. The Daily Journal reports the Board of Supervisors recently heard an update from the Mendocino County Cannabis Cultivation program and on compliance efforts. So far the county has received nearly 1,200 applications, but issued only a fraction of that, 200 permits. They’ve also only denied 21 applications and have 454 applications pending. The County says responses are piled up at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Some applicants just lacked all the required paperwork too.

A man from Lakeport arrested for attempted murder back in court after first pleading not guilty last summer. Leonso Rangel has admitted he shot the man he thought was having a relationship with his girlfriend. When he was first arrested, it was another story. The arrest after a report of shots fired, the victim saying he was walking on the sidewalk and was shot in the back. The victim identified Rangel as his shooter, saying it had to do with his girlfriend. Rangel saying he didn’t mean to hit the victim, but he was charged anyway with several crimes, including attempted murder, assault with a firearm and felon in possession of a firearm. He was being held in jail on one million dollars. He has a preliminary hearing in February.

PG&E increasing their bills. It’s not that much, but a raise it is, with a buck more for most customers every month. It’s for gas only, and there’s an offset, since the electricity portion of the bill is going down. The utility company says there’s a slight change due to the implementation of recent regulatory decisions. Customers who get a combined gas and electricity bill will see a $1.08 a month increase. But it would have been $2.64 more a month for gas. But there’s a decline in electric bills of $1.56 a month. The utility company is being scrutinized by the state currently having to do with the explosion in San Bruno and the October 2017 wildfires, and now possibly the Camp Fire too.

A new rule for the New Year, hospitals have to list prices online for items and services, as part of new Medicare rules. The rules take effect tomorrow for more transparency in health care, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The agency says they want more transparency in health care costs and they’re trying to help empower patients. Hospitals that don’t comply won’t actually be punished, because there’s no enforcement of the new rules yet, according to the agency’s website.

A kidnapping scam in Kelseyville. The CHP’s Clearlake office says a man came in the day after Christmas to their Kelseyville office to report a kidnapping, but after they investigated they found the man was scammed. He told them someone called and said his girlfriend was kidnapped for ransom, but cops say they quickly found his girlfriend was fine and there was a scam going around, but it’s not a new one. They remind the public of this and other phone scams. This one targeting Lake County residents of a bogus virtual kidnapping, that a family member’s being held captive. They even have someone screaming in the background. There’s another one where the person’s been in an accident and in the hospital and they have to pay the damages.

PG&E may be facing murder charges for reckless operation of power equipment. The Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office says it’s more of a warning there may be criminal charges, but that would come from local county district attorneys, not the state. The Sacramento Bee reports prosecutors would also have to find an actual mental state for the utility to see if they can bring charges from murder to misdemeanor negligence. This opinion was sent to a judge who’s overseeing the criminal case against the utility for the natural gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people in San Bruno in 2010. The company has a deadline today to file a response. Cal Fire also found PG&E probably broke the law for 12 wildfires in October of 2017. We still haven’t heard about the Tubbs fire though. And now we have the Camp Fire, which may or may have not been caused by PG&E equipment.

A wind advisory for the holiday… The National Weather Service says it’ll be a windy one today with the possibility of gusts of up to 40 miles an hour which they warn can cause hazardous driving conditions for small cars or high profile vehicles. Winds of up to 50 mph in south Lake County are also forecasted. The forecast also calls for the 50’s during the day and 30’s overnight. Showers possible next weekend.

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