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Shots fired have deputies out in Laytonville. A man says he and another person were working at a house when they were confronted by someone, Robert Williams, who they say he thought they were trespassing on someone else’s property. They told him they were not and say he threatened them, then he hit a gate with his truck and they were afraid so they left after seeing he had a rifle. One guy ran off and said he heard a gunshot. The other drove away. Williams was later caught with a 22 caliber pistol and arrested, he was also on probation and that’s prohibited. A third person had also complained a day before about a man in a truck with a  rifle after his car was broken into and that he has assaulted that man. The three men id’d Williams in a line up. He’s charged with various crimes and held on $125,000.00 bail.

2 men and a woman in Ukiah seen running down a street by deputies. Deputies see they’re wearing gloves, have their faces covered and are also wearing black hoodies. Deputies say they wouldn’t listen to commands, but one of them was quickly caught. Cops say the man, Alejandro Guadarrama had a meth pipe sticking out of his pocket, and they found a baggie of meth and car keys. He was on parole and arrested for violating that with drug possession and other crimes. The other two were caught eventually, one had a loaded semi automatic handgun with scratched off serial numbers, and meth and heroin. Plus paraphernalia in his car for sales of drugs. No word if the woman was caught.

A man in Ukiah’s busted as deputies on routine patrol find a stolen car and check the license plates and stop the truck. They say it appeared the driver wanted to hop and run, Mark Beardslee, took off, he was a passenger, and a woman, Laura Adams also ran. Beardslee was gesturing he had a weapon so he was tazed. But he ran anyway to some bushes and was finally caught. He’s charged with a bunch of crimes, but was taken to a hospital for the tazing. He was held on more than 25,000 bail. The woman was held on a bench warrant for $7,500.00 bail. And the stolen Dodge Ram taken back to its owner. Apparently the truck stolen as the owner left it to allow it to warm up.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has its last regular meeting and talked vacation rentals. They’re also considering short-term housing and un-hosted units, and re-consider next month. This after a workshop with the board with the Community Development Director. She says the AirBNB type rentals aren’t regulated in the county, and there are up to 300 units, but they’re not sure if they’re all vacation units or beds and breakfasts. So now there’s discussion about how other towns permit these sorts of rentals, saying they mostly have special zoning permits and a maximum occupancy and some even have a limit on daytime visitors. They also have noise ordinances and trash management guidelines.

A reminder from Cal Fire to be careful burning items this winter, especially on windy days, like we’re expecting today. Residents in Sonoma, Lake, Napa, Colusa, Yolo and Solano counties should see smoke here and there on burn days. They remind safe residential pile burning of forest residue is a good way to reduce fire hazards. But you need a permit. And you have to follow guidelines and regulations from your local air quality management districts. Only dry vegetation, no trash, not on windy days, piles have to be a certain size and height and you are allowed to add on as it burns. Plus don’t forget to clear a 10-foot line down to bare soil around your piles, have a shovel and a water source nearby.

For more information, visit the Cal Fire Web site at

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