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A woman in Fort Bragg’s arrested for stealing credit cards from a relative. Mendocino County deputies call Erin Winkler on an unrelated investigation since she’s on active probation and find credit cards with the name of a female relative on them. Further finding Winkler, who was not allowed to be near the victim, had entered her home and swiped the credit cards. So Winkler was violating the Criminal Protective Order and was arrested for violating her probation and the protective order. She was held on $55,000.00 bail.

PG&E proactively files court papers saying it was private power equipment near Calistoga that might have been the cause of the Tubbs fire, the most destructive and deadliest of the Oct. 2017 North Bay wildfires. Last year the utility company also said it was a landowner who was responsible for the fire starting, a caretaker on the property did some electrical work without a proper license, which included repairs to a power pole, several months before the massive fire that killed 22 people and burned more than 5,000 homes. The court filing this past Monday detailing PG&E’s own investigation into more than 20 major wildfires in Northern Calif. in October 2017. Cal Fire has still not pinned a cause on the fire that burned structures in Sonoma and Napa counties. The fire started though on residential property north of Calistoga, that much is known. The utility company’s report after witness statements and photos, 911 transcripts and their own work reports and logs. Cal Fire has blamed the utility for 17 of the October 2017 major wildfires.

The federal government shutdown is effecting some state resources. The Press Democrat reports the air traffic control workers at Charles M. Schulz- Sonoma County Airport don’t know when they’ll get paid next, but are still working. Same with the Coast Guard in Bodega Bay, and the newspaper reports it’s even hitting local wineries as owners can’t get federal approval on new wine labels. Toilets at some federal parks are closed and trash containers are overflowing. There are about 800,000 federal employees across the country without work, or working without pay due to the shutdown. On the North Coast, it’s mostly the Coast Guard that’s effected, 4,000 in all from Monterey to Bodega Bay. There are FAA employees working without pay, TSA workers, wildlife refuge workers, Fish and Wildlife workers, and even seashore and campground workers.

A state inmate who took off from Lake County is still on the run. Nicolas Dunning was at the Konocti Conservation Camp until Monday, when officials at the fire camp discovered he was gone during an inmate count. The camp is open, but has a secure perimeter, that he apparently walked away from. Law enforcement agencies and Cal Fire were notified. He got five years last year for assault with a deadly weapon out of Imperial County. He was assigned to the camp with 94 other inmates who were working the recent wildfires. They also work on prevention projects. He’s described as a bald white man, 6‑foot‑2, 181 pounds and green eyes.

A man from Ukiah’s arrested after crashing his dirt bike following a chase with cops. Ukiah police report seeing him off roading on the Yamaha dirt bike, then driving it illegally on the street December 29th. They tried to pull him over several times, but he wouldn’t stop. He’s identified as Jordan Bright. Cops say he also had a female passenger with him and was driving thru areas cops couldn’t get to. At some point, his passenger fell off and cops called for medical help for her as the guy kept riding around. She had non life threatening injuries. Bright eventually crashed in a vineyard and was arrested on suspicion of reckless evading, driving on a suspended license and violating his probation for a prior DUI conviction.

Consideration for a new Dollar General Store in the Northshore area. The town hall for the Western Region is next Friday. They’ll consider the application from Cross Development for the 7,200 square foot development on about 2 acres on the north side of Highway 20 on Clover Creek, just east of Upper Lake’s Main Street. It’s an undeveloped area except for a vacant home. It’s up to the County if it gets approved. The developer is applying for a minor use permit. It’s being reviewed, then there will be a public hearing. There are two other Lake County locations so far, in Nice and Lakeport. The company has also applied for a use permit in Middletown.

Under a new state law police disciplinary records have to be released but the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. is trying to block it. The California Supreme Court said no to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association request to delay the records law which starts this week. The union saying records should only be public from this year, starting January 1st. The new law allows for some personnel and disciplinary records for police officers related to shootings that ended in death or great bodily injury, and for sustained sexual assault and sustained misconduct.

Officials in the South Lake County Fire Protection District want to dip into Measure L fire tax proceeds. The law passed last November. The money raised, $10 per benefit unit for 16 units for vacant land of under an acre to 20 units for a single family dwelling, and up to 250 units for commercial buildings of 10,000 square feet and above. But the District won’t see any money from the tax for about a year, because it won’t be on tax bills until the next tax cycle, the end of the year. It should bring in nearly 2 million a year. There’s a budget gap of about 1.3 million this fiscal year. The money will also help pay for the contract the area has with Cal Fire which had been previously paid for by the state.

An active shooter drill is set for American Canyon and Calistoga at the American Canyon Community Center and at the Calistoga Junior/Senior High School. The drills tomorrow, there’s no school and the public is not allowed in. It’s a warning to those in the area, there may be a lot of police presence, and fire vehicles, first responders and caution tape, and of course loud noises/voices. Local businesses had been sent community advisory notices about the training. Those attending will be in a fake active shooter situation.

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