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A new tool from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office that will quickly alert residents when they have to evacuate. It’s a siren that Sheriff’s patrol vehicles will use in the event of an evacuation. The Hi-Lo siren sound is heard in Europe but is not familiar in
California. If residents hear the siren, it will be obvious, there’s an emergency and they have to evacuate. The idea brought to Lake County by the Napa County Sheriff John Robertson where they’ve been using it. They also have it in Sonoma and Solano County. If you would like to hear what the Hi-Lo siren sounds like you can visit and see a video posted under the In the Spotlight section. The Sheriff’s Office also encouraging community members to sign up for alerts at LakeCoAlerts. This can be done at the Sheriff’s Office website.

A man from Crescent City has been arrested for a burglary in Willits. Another man reported that Ethan Bauer took gas in the Brooktrails subdivision from his house. That person directed a deputy to his home too and the deputy found Bauer and a 2005 Chevrolet truck without license plates on Highway 20 near Main Street. The man was looking for paperwork on his truck, and the Deputy and a Willits police officer noticed there was an empty gun holster in the glove box where the man was rifling thru papers. They also saw a green gas can. The deputy then tried to look for registration and to see if there was a handgun nearby, and noticed mail from various addresses in the car. There were also checkbooks, checks, and other mail from as far away as Oregon. Bauer was arrested after a rifle was located and charged with possession of stolen property, forgery, felon possessing a firearm and mail theft and held on $35,000.00 bail.

Cops on the lookout for whoever shot a gun inside a home, injuring a man in Redwood Valley. A 19 year old man was found shot with non life threatening injuries. He says he was sleeping and heard gunshots, then felt pain. He was taken to Ukiah Valley Medical Center for treatment and nobody who may have shot the gun has been found so far.


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