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A middle schooler in Napa’s been arrested after a threat to carry out mass shootings at a couple of schools in the city. Police say they stopped the planned attacks at River Middle School and Vintage High after another student reported the 14 year old’s plan. They say the teenager was arrested last Wednesday after a search of two Napa homes, finding evidence the kid had been researching and planning a mass shooting. The child is in custody and has not been identified yet. It comes after the other student says the 14 year old told them he was planning the attacks and threatened to kill him if he warned anyone.

The flu season is off to a slow start and is not steadily climbing, with more than 40 people dying. The season started in October, which was the official start across the country. It generally reaches its peak in February, but can last thru May. It’s usually people with other underlying health issues or the elderly who get the more serious complications, like pneumonia, after they first contract the flu. Half the deaths so far in the state this season were of those over 65. The strain this time is H1N1, also known as the “swine flu.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says so far 77% of the cases tested were positive for H1N1. They warn it’s more dangerous for kids and pregnant women. But officials say this year’s season should be milder than last season when so many people got sick, hospitals were overflowing with patients and they ran out of medicine.

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