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A little drama by Congressman Jared Huffman ahead of the president’s speech in the Oval Office. The president is holding out for his border wall and 5.6 billion dollars, but the democrats don’t want it. At the same time there’s been complaints, about trash piling up at National Parks. So Congressman Huffman along with colleague Congress Jackie Spier were seen dragging trash to the White House…

Democrats in Congress want to put forth $1.6 billion for border security which had passed the Senate, but the Republicans in the House put forth a stopgap bill with the $5 billion for the wall ahead of the new congress and it failed.

The man who’s accused of being the East Side Rapist and Golden State Killer is cleared of at least one murder, that of a 14 year old girl in the Central Valley in 1975. DNA testing showed it was not Joseph DeAngelo who killed Donna Jo Richmond and showed, with other evidence, the man convicted, was indeed the right one. The girl disappeared around Christmas time while riding her bike home from a friends house, her body found in an orange grove, strangled, beaten and stabbed 17 times. A convicted sex offender, Oscar Clifton, was found guilty of the kidnapping, attempted rape and murder of the girl, but died in prison in 2013. DeAngelo’s been charged with more than two dozen counts of murder and kidnapping. He was a cop in the town where the girl was killed. So prosecutors revisited the crime.


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