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Blood found along with three bodies at a home in Willits. Someone calls the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office then meets police at the home after a welfare check because they couldn’t reach the resident. Deputies say the caller went to the home and looked through a window and saw a lot of blood on the floor of the home. Deputies went inside and found the bodies and evidence it was a triple murder. Investigators still working on the crime, with no further information released.

No more abalone hunting allowed for a couple years. Storm swells have eroded some of the coast and a very strong swell the middle of December reportedly reshaped beaches, so the Calif. Fish and Game Commission had extended the North Coast recreational abalone season to at least 2021. The Advocate newspaper reports the Environmental Program Manager for invertebrates at state agency says they’re coming up with a limited access fishing plan if abalone recover enough by 2021. He also blamed climate change for the uncertain environment that has meant handling the fishery in a different way.

A storage shed in Fort Bragg catches fire but is not allowed to spread thanks to the quick work of firefighters. Firefighters got to the fully-involved shed fire before it engulfed a home next to it a week and a half ago. They also say the exterior wall of the home was burning when they got there. CalFire and the Fort Bragg Fire Department were on the scene. No word yet how the fire started.

Several million dollars from the federal government for fire recovery may not be coming after all as the president is reportedly looking at using the money for his border wall instead. This in a report from the New York Post this morning. Plus we have the government shutdown which means, towns that burned in October 2017 won’t get federal grants to rebuild. The federal government shutdown coming up to entering its 4th week. The president reportedly threatened to use wildfire and hurricane relief funds from California and Puerto Rico. The Press Democrat reports FEMA also delaying several public assistance projects.

A man from Canada goes missing in Calif along the Lost Coast trail. Rescue crews in Humboldt County out looking for Rick Eastep of Ontario as another storm is headed our way. The man’s family says they haven’t heard from him in three days when he texted he hurt his back and was at Miller Flat. That’s about nine miles north of Shelter Cove where he was headed. His brother says Eastep has some hiking and backpacking experience.

Several residents out at the Lucerne Senior Center for the first Town Hall Council of 2019. They’re working on a resolution to get the Board of Supervisors to set aside money from the sale of the Lucerne Hotel so its re-invested in the community. They also discussed beefing up law enforcement in town. Newly elected District 3 supervisor EJ Crandell was there with the five council members. The resolution the council decided, would first pay for dredging of Lucerne Harbor Park, plus they want to buy new docks and expand available dock space.

The new Governor has released his first budget proposal, putting money into some of his signature campaign promises, namely education, health care coverage and housing. Governor Newsom’s also proposing paying down some of California’s unfunded pension liabilities, $4 billion towards the state’s outstanding debt and nearly %5 billion for reserves. The budget also calls for funding retirement plans and paying down CalPERS and CalSTRS to save taxpayers nearly $15 million over thirty years. There’s still a major funding gap for retirement plans with the governor’s proposal.

The sale of the Palace Hotel is on. It’s set for this morning, but there could be last minute changes, according to the Daily Journal. As of yesterday, it was moving forward. The building’s receiver was trying to sell before a foreclosure. Right now it’s set for 10 am on the steps of the county courthouse. The building has been sitting dormant for some time. The last owner made a purchase of the building in 1990 and never reopened it. There was some attempt a couple years ago, but then the city moved to have it declared a public nuisance. Right now the auction price looks to start at under a million dollars.

Still without a cannabis dispensary in Ukiah. The planning director tells the Daily Journal they’ve had five applications, then three were withdrawn. One approved, Cannavine was first a medical dispensary. The owner then amended their permit to allow recreational sales. As we reported the owner got an approval last month, they say they are looking to open sometime this month. The planning director says there’s also another moving along in the process, Heritage Mendocino Cannabis Microbusiness, but it’s near the airport and there’s some objection to that. The City Council will consider the project next month.

More upheaval for the Lakeport Unified School Board. A day after the board decides to oust the school superintendent, one of the board members who voted against the expulsion, has herself resigned. Lake Co News reports Lori Holmes is out, telling the news site she’s tendered her resignation with the Lake County Superintendent of Schools. Holmes was on the board since the fall of 2011. The superintendent let go, potentially in response to the removal of Terrace Middle School Principal Rachel Paarsch who is now suing the district. The board’s now called for a special meeting tomorrow at 2 p.m. to talk about superintendent recruitment and transition.

A teenager from Clearlake reported missing earlier this week has been found safe. Clearlake Police say 15 year old Seaira Dotson was found after being reported missing Wednesday morning.


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