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A plea deal reached between the Lake County District Attorney’s Office and a woman from Lakeport in a human trafficking case has been tossed. The judge didn’t agree to the sentencing for Krystina Marie Pickersgill who pleaded guilty last fall. The deal was with the former District Attorney Don Anderson. Lake Co News reports Pickersgill and her husband, Sam Massette were both arrested last June after it was revealed they were selling local girls into prostitution in the Bay Area. It came to light after a complaint to Anderson after a play in town about sex trafficking. Pickersgill was supposed to get three years probation, credit for four months served and strict mental health treatment, but the judge said it might set a precedent for being too easy on the woman. Now a preliminary hearing is set instead for March.

A second person’s arrested for an attack on a man in Clearlake who had serious injuries including major head trauma. Clearlake Police say Charles Drake was arrested yesterday for the December attack on Nicholas Vining, known by locals as “Caveman.” Another man also arrested in the case three weeks ago, Paul Mendez Jr. who is a registered sex offender and parolee who admitted he attacked Vining. Reports at the time that Vining was beaten and robbed, plus they cut his hair and beard off with a knife. At the time it was thought it might be students who attacked Vining, but after emerging from a medically induced coma, he helped police identify his attackers.

A man in Covelo killed while riding his bike has been identified. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports it was 66 year old Stuart May involved in the hit and run Monday. The man’s body seen by a Tribal Police Officer and the CHP called to Mendocino Pass Road in Covelo. The CHP reports it appeared May was hit and killed and the driver left the scene. His bike was found damaged by his body. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. says May was living in the Covelo area, but they weren’t sure where. They’re asking for the public’s assistance to find his home and help reconstruct his recent activity as part of their investigation into the felony hit and run.

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