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The Mayor of Ukiah Maureen Mulheren is running to be a Mendocino Board Supervisor. The mayor has announced she will go after 2nd District supervisor John McCowen’s seat. The primary is in March of 2020, but Mulheren made the announcement already. The 1st District supervisor seat and the 4th are also up for election next year.

Six dead deer found on a road in Redwood Valley may be suspicious. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating after they got a call January 13th to Tomki Road where the remains were left behind. They say it was one female adult deer, a doe, and several fawns. They’re asking anyone who may know something about the deaths to call the agency. It can be confidential.

Several students from the Mendocino College Theatre Arts Department have been invited to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. An adjudicator showed up at the local show and the students were chosen. They can go after scholarship there, take workshops and see productions. Plus the play the students put on has been selected as an ‘invitational scene’ which can be performed at the festival which is happening in Eugene, Oregon February 17-23. They’re raising money to attend though. They need more than $5,000 for transportation, housing and festival registration. Donations are being accepted thru the theater dept.

State Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry looking to move federal background check legislation forward, supporting state legislation to demand the federal government move on Congressman Mike Thompson’s Bipartisan Background Checks Act. Aguiar-Curry, Senators Bill Dodd and Mike McGuire and Assemblymembers Jim Wood, Marc Levine and Tim Grayson putting the legislation forward. Thompson’s bill requires uniform and universal background checks for all gun purchases and transfers. Thompson is now the chairman of the Gun Violence Task Force. If passed unlicensed gun sellers have to run background checks on gun buys and those transferring guns have to use a licensed dealer.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. investigating if bail bondsmen who shot at a man who took off in their vehicle were justified. It happened last weekend, four bail bondsmen from Greg Padilla Bonds out of Sacramento were trying to capture Gregory Crumpler who was found at his home in Lower Lake, but the guy jumped in their car and took off, and they shot at him. The Sheriff says detectives are on the case. Crumpler skipped bail related to suspected drug sales in Mendocino County. Detectives say he was shot at six times. They called police for help after their gunfire apparently missed Crumpler, and their vehicle was found with bullet holes about 3 miles away. Police also say there was a few blood smears in the vehicle and broken windows.

A federal judge says Pacific Gas and Electric should reinspect its entire power grid, something the Company says would be too costly. The judge who’s overseeing the San Bruno explosion criminal case says they should also remove all trees near its equipment. The utility company says it would cost between $75 to $150 billion and therefore would mean giant rate increases. The utility has announced it’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to wildfire claims from 2017 and 18. The company has already requested a rate hike of $1 billion, and says if they had to follow the judge’s plan, conservatively, rates would got up by five times their current fees. The power lines cover 100,000 miles.

The yearly Point in Time homeless count in Clearlake has taken place. The Lake County Continuum of Care did the count Tuesday. The nonprofit’s role is to bring down the amount of homelessness and its impacts on individuals, families and their community. Volunteers went out into the community. They say Clearlake has the largest homeless population. There were more than 300 homeless residents last year in the city. They also helped those with animals, gave out new clothes, blankets, or hygiene items.

A man in Lakeport charged in the murder of his dad and attempted murder of his mom may not have a trial this month as the court’s still waiting on doctor’s assessments. Steven Michael Fredericks was supposed to have his preliminary hearing in Oct. but it was vacated. The hearing was reset for February 4th, but his lawyer says that probably won’t happen either. The defense is asking for a continuance until after the doctor’s report so the prosecution has time to review the report. Fredericks has been charged with two counts of murder, attempted murder, causing injury to an elder adult and assault with a deadly weapon after the stabbing last March. Witnesses told police it was Fredericks who attacked his parents. He’s in jail on $1,275,000 bail.

Even though President Trump has told Calif. there should be more controlled burns, the government shutdown has halted all controlled burning. A Chico State Geography and Planning Professor says the work should be done ahead of the next wildfire season. Don Hankins saying it’s frustrating not having the resources to get the work done. His work to prevent out of control wildfires, specializing in controlled burns. There would be controlled burns going on now if the shutdown wasn’t happening. After Trump visited the Camp Fire burn area he issued an executive order for more controlled burns on federal land, but there’s no staff to follow the order.

Several thousand people have filed for unemployment in Calif. due to the government shutdown. As many as 2,000 federal employees filing for benefits. More than 1,800 of those were from December 22nd-January 5th. They will get their weekly benefits up to $450 depending on their earnings, one week after a waiting period. Then they can pull the funds for up to 26 weeks. But there’s a catch, those getting benefits have to pay them back after they get their retroactive pay from the federal government. So federal employees will get an overpayment notice with repayment information.

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