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A cell tower is another step closer to going up in Clear Lake Riviera after the Lake County Planning Commission votes unanimously for it. A group of residents don’t want the cell tower up and spoke against it at the commission meeting yesterday. Residents say the 85 foot high tower will take away their view and negatively affect the area around it. Some were concerned about radiation from the tower or how it would harm birds. Apparently the Planning commission is not allowed to take that into consideration due to federal law. Others were also concerned about the possibility for fire danger.

A major investor for PG&E says the entire board of directors should be tossed after several failures and disasters for years. Blue Mountain Capital Management officially filing for the board’s removal after the fatal explosion in San Bruno in 2010, doctoring gas pipeline records from 2012 through 2017, several major fires in the North Bay Wine Country and nearby regions in October 2017 and the fatal Camp Fire in Butte County last year. The company sent an open letter to other shareholders saying not only did the board fail the company and its shareholders, it failed its customers, employees and, the people of California.

The chancellor of the California State University system says there will be no tuition hikes this year. This comes after Governor Gavin Newsom added funding in the state budget for higher education. Chancellor Timothy White with the announcement to freeze tuition a second year for Calif. residents. He told the CSU board of trustees at a meeting in Long Beach that tuition was off the table. In the Governor’s first budget, he proposed an additional $300 million for the CSU’s 23 campuses, which is 8 percent more than this year. Students pay more than tuition though for things like health centers and student activities, but those fees will remain.

Coast Guard members across the country, including at Noyo River are going another week without pay as the government shutdown continues in its fifth week. So locals are reaching out to the Coast Guard to help. Some folks bringing food, Harvest Market has set up emergency accounts which are interest free and Fort Bragg Bakery has donated several dozen loaves of bread. There’s also the Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund which raised cash for fire victims the past two years. The fund has donated $18,000 already after starting a fundraiser January 11th.

Donations can be made directly on the Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund home page at – both credit cards and PayPal donations can be accepted. Checks can be mailed to MCCF, PO Box 1616, Mendocino, CA 95460. Please mark donations NOYO SOS.

After Cal Fire said PG&E wasn’t responsible for causing the fatal Tubbs fire in October 2017, the stock for the utility company jumped up. But they’re still apparently filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The utility company saying in paperwork there’s $30 billion in possible damages from active and potential lawsuits after the 2017 and 2018 California wildfires. Now the company says it’s more like $75 billion and $150 billion in liabilities. That after a judge recommended the company inspect its entire electrical grid and remove trees around them ahead of the 2019 fire season in Northern California.

After Cal Fire’s report that the deadly Tubbs Fire was not caused by PG&E equipment, it threw lawsuits against the giant utility company into doubt. The Press Democrat reports it could impact litigation filed by Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. But the paper reports local officials saying they need more time to review the 80-page Cal Fire report before they attend closed-door meetings regarding the lawsuits next week. Lake, Mendocino and Napa counties are also suing PG&E after the October 2017 firestorm. The Tubbs fire was the one fire of 18 fires that October that was still being investigated, 17 others have been blamed on PG&E equipment by Cal Fire. The Cal Fire report into the Tubbs Fire released yesterday blames private electrical equipment in Calistoga for the fire.

A rally be employees of the Mendocino Lake Community College District due to a stall in negotiations on a new contract. The rally at the Mendocino College Ukiah campus yesterday with employees chanting, “one-time bonuses just won’t do, support the staff support the school”. The negotiations reportedly continuing since last spring with the district and SEIU 2021 which represents permanent classified staff and temporary part-time staff. Union members voted against the last offer from the district.

A new contract’s been approved by the Ukiah City Council for Cold Creek Compost and Ukiah Waste Solutions. Now the composter is getting more money per load. The Public Works director requested a raise for the “tipping fee” charged to Ukiah Waste Solutions after new air quality standards were put in place, and for a new grinder that costs $900,000, new sorting equipment at nearly $500,000, plus they’re looking to hire three more employees at $35,000 a year each.

A 10 year old in Kentucky used Tom Brady’s inflate-gate scandal for his Science Fair project. Ace Davis of Lexington went viral online after creating his project to prove Brady was a cheater. He used science to show deflated footballs gave Brady a competitive advantage, using experiments he did with his family, finding the least inflated football traveled the farthest, which he says gave Brady a competitive advantage. He said he did the project because he likes Joe Montana and hates Tom Brady. In case you’re wondering, Ace has also predicted the Rams will win the super bowl.

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