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Nursing students in their second year get scholarships. Three nursing students at Mendocino College are getting $750 for continued education. Mendocino College has announced Regina Waddle, Rachel Farkas, and Kari Paoli, who are graduating this spring won the money. The trio are planning to stay and work in the county. The students have shown promise, according to the school. Farkas has had a perfect 4.0-grade point average throughout her educational program, Paoli working two jobs and has a twelve-year-old and Waddle has been praised by teachers and students alike. The money for the scholarships by several donors.

A walking tour of the Lake Area Planning Council shows some folks didn’t want to continue walking because there were no sidewalks or crosswalks… The Planning Council has been around since the 1970’s and is the official transportation planning agency for Lake County. Those on the panel include county supervisors, city council members from Lakeport and Clearlake, as well as citizens. Their Lake Walks survey happened last fall. The Record Bee reports there were more than 350 public comments on the survey which included a lack of “sidewalk connectivity” and being able to cross streets safely, along with broken continuity between residential areas and school, parks and transit.

A less than bustling recreational marijuana industry has some lawmakers and the state treasurer talking about temporarily cutting taxes to invigorate the market. The state made 100 million less than expected and the Treasurer said the state had to do better. She was there for the announcement of the bill saying the industry should be hauling in between $6 billion and $20 billion dollars. East Bay Assemblyman Rob Bonta introduced the bill for a three year tax break with three other lawmakers and the Treasurer’s support. The bill to lower the excise tax from 15 to 11 percent and no taxes for marijuana growers at all through 2022. Right now they’re taxed $148 a pound of cannabis flower.

A new study shows more drivers in Calif. were using their cell phones when driving, but still less than previous years. The California Office of Traffic Safety and California State University, Fresno report from August and September of last year shows less than five percent (4.52 percent) were seen picking up then using their phone as opposed to less than four percent (3.58 percent) in 2017. The study was from more than 200 locations across 17 counties statewide. The numbers from last year were still three percent less than 2016. Some of the highlights were drivers alone used their phones more, phones were used for functions over phone calls, like texting, email, GPS, using an app or social media and they were used less on highways.

More water’s coming out of Lake Oroville this year, but it’s still lower than usual. The Department of Water Resources reports allocations for State Water Project users were up 15 percent of contracted amounts, and that was up from the 10 percent announced in December. At last measure, the lake level was up 36 feet, but still nearly 200 feet from where it tops off, and more than 2 million feet short of capacity. But at last measure the snowpack in the mountains was above average. The snowpack that fills Oroville, Shasta and Trinity lakes was 115 percent of normal for this time of year.

A man the Butte County Sheriff’s Office says was shooting at his ex-wife in Red Bluff was then killed by deputies. The Chico Enterprise Record newspaper reports there was a chase by police after Richard Moulton pulled a gun out and pointed it at police so they shot him Monday. They say he first attacked his ex by biting and choking her and trying to gouge her eyes before shoving a handgun into her mouth, then shooting at her. She was uninjured. Then there was a “be on the lookout” alert for him. His pickup was spotted by a deputy who took chase. Nine deputies were involved and are now all off field duty. They’re asking anyone who may have seen anything to call.

It’s official, PG&E is moving forward with their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The giant utility company is expected to file today ahead of being slapped with billions in lawsuits from wildfires in the state last year and in 2017. They listed more than $51 and a half billion dollar in debt and another $71 and a half billion in assets. The company posted on its website they weren’t closing down, and don’t expect any interruption of service. But it might mean higher bills for customers. The company has filed for bankruptcy court approval for a $5.5 billion funding package also known as debtor-in-possession financing. Banks provide the funding, then are first in line to get paid back by PG&E after the filing. One of the bigger investors in PG&E has voiced disappointment in the bankruptcy filing and is trying to get the board replaced.

A longtime turnaround specialist for large corporations is reportedly being named to help PG&E come out of its pending bankruptcy. James Mesterharm is reported to be in line to help with the bankruptcy. Mesterharm’s appointment was not made public and was reportedly still in the late stages of being finalized last night. So far the California Public Utilities Commission has given the green light to PG&E getting as much as $6 billion dollars to help it stay in business during the bankruptcy proceedings. Mesterharm works at a turnaround and consulting firm and has previously helped Eastman Kodak Co and has advised on others like mall owner General Growth Properties and Zenith Electronics.

Could there be a warning ahead of an earthquake? That’s the plan from Gov. Newsom whose got an earthquake early warning system in his first budget. $16.3 million for the project which will feature a warning horn and a voice yelling that there’s an earthquake (“Earthquake! Earthquake!”). That actually happened after the 2014 Napa earthquake which was part of the “ShakeAlert” that was developed by scientists at Cal, Berkeley. It’s more like, it’s a happening now warning, more than ahead of the actual event says scientists. So there could be an alert ahead of any real feeling of shaking, but during the actual earthquake. It could go out to cellphones seconds before the real shaking, something scientists say could make a difference.

A fisherman in Florida finds an old hand grenade while magnet fishing. It happened in Ocala and a fast food restaurant had to be closed because of it. The Taco Bell closed after the angler took the World War 2 era grenade with him to call police from the fast food joint. Police confirming on their Facebook page it indeed was a WWII hand grenade which a bomb squad removed without incident.

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