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Gray wolves will remain a protected species in California. A state court has ruled the animals will stay protected under the California Endangered Species Act, rejecting a challenge from the Pacific Legal Foundation for the California Cattlemen’s Association and California Farm Bureau Federation. Advocates say it’s the right move. Ranchers were challenging the endangered status saying wolves in the state were actually the wrong subspecies, arguing their listing was wrong, based on a solo wolf, saying they couldn’t be endangered in Calif. because they are plentiful in other places across the globe. The suit after a lone wolf, OR-7 crossed from Oregon into Calif., the first confirmed wild wolf here in 87 years, so the lawsuit said that one wolf was from a subspecies that never existed in California.

Could there be a warning ahead of an earthquake? That’s the plan from Gov. Newsom whose got an earthquake early warning system in his first budget. $16.3 million for the project which will feature a warning horn and a voice yelling that there’s an earthquake (“Earthquake! Earthquake!”). That actually happened after the 2014 Napa earthquake which was part of the “ShakeAlert” that was developed by scientists at Cal, Berkeley. It’s more like, it’s a happening now warning, more than ahead of the actual event says scientists. So there could be an alert ahead of any real feeling of shaking, but during the actual earthquake. It could go out to cellphones seconds before the real shaking, something scientists say could make a difference.

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