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Parole has been recommended for one of the Charles Manson followers. A parole board at the women’s prison in Corona said for the third time, that Leslie Van Houten should be paroled after serving more than forty years behind bars. But there’s also a 150-day review process, and then it’s turned over to the Gov. Gavin Newsom. Previously former Gov. Jerry Brown blocked her release. Van Houten was one of Manson’s followers involved in the brutal murder of wealthy grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary, in 1969 as well as the actress Sharon Tate and four others in Los Angeles. She was 19 years old at the time. Sharon Tate’s sister was at the hearing yesterday and says she hopes and prays the governor makes the right decision.

A lawyer for Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. says they’re looking to establish a trust fund to cover the lawsuits from wildfire victims. The comments at a hearing earlier today from the utility’s lawyer Stephen Karotkin adding that the fund could be financed in different ways and may expedite payments to families affected by wildfires. But experts say wildfire victims might get less money in bankruptcy court. The lawyer says they didn’t file for the bankruptcy to get out of taking responsibility for any wildfires in 2017 and 2018 and said the Chapter 11 was the only way they could stay solvent, address wildfire claims fairly and still stay in business, providing reliable electric and gas service.

Meanwhile fire victims in court telling the judge to remember those who died as the bankruptcy progresses thru court. A lawyer for fire victims also said there are still thousands living in trailers and there should be more of a sense of urgency surrounding the victims. The company went ahead with their chapter 11 filing on Tuesday listing nearly $51.7 billion in debts and $71.4 billion in assets. Something else that came out in court was that the utility company wants to pay as much as $130 million dollars in bonuses to 14,000 employees to reward them for good performance in 2018. The money not for top execs., the board or the former CEO who just recently resigned, so the judge approved it.

The statewide snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is being measured at exactly 100 percent of the historical average for this date. It’s more than a month ago, when the measurement of the snowpack showed it at 69 percent of the historical average. One year ago was only 18 percent of normal. The water that’s in the Sierra mountain range makes up about a third of the state’s water supply for cities and farms after melting in the spring and summer. It’s also helping the ski resort industry after five years of drought where residents had to dramatically curtail their water usage.

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