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A fire in McKinleyville has caused nearly 200-thousand in damage to a home. The Arcata Fire District went out to the fire after a neighbor reported some smoke coming out of the eves of the two story home. The crews ended up using a thermal imaging camera so they could go inside and found the fire in the kitchen and inside a wall that was spreading to the second floor. All of those inside the home were not there at the time and the fire was brought under control in 15 minutes. Then mop up was another couple hours. Fire officials say there was damage in the kitchen and smoke damage thruout the home. Those living there got short term relief gift money from Arcata Firefighters.

Two more victims of the Camp Fire have been identified. The Butte County sheriff’s office released the names yesterday, they were 74-year-old Robert Quinn of Paradise and 93-year-old Berniece Schmidt of Magalia. So far 69 of those killed in the fire have been identified. The fire November 8th killed 86 people, destroyed as many as 15,000 homes and was the deadliest in the country in about a century. And the deadliest ever in Calif. There’s still no cause of the fire, but some victims or their relatives are suing Pacific Gas & Electric which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week.

Governor Gavin Newsom is moving forward with a way to protect asylum seekers. The Press Democrat reports Newsom supporting what San Diego County is doing, giving shelter for asylum seekers and yesterday he said he would like to provide a $25 million emergency fund due to a humanitarian crisis he says was created by the federal government. The comments during a visit to the area yesterday, where he also said he wants $5 million this year to help San Diego’s shelter. He says he has a loosely worded proposal so far which is so there’s more flexibility in spending. Humanitarian groups in San Diego County say they’ve helped more than 5,500 asylum seekers since the federal government started releasing migrants onto the streets. There are shelters in churches and a vacant courthouse.

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