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4 people from Fort Bragg have been arrested. Police say Stanislaus Lodarski, Lindsay Murphy, Joshua Petersen and Christol Chiles were taken in after an arrest warrant was served at a home for Lodarski. Deputies went to the home last Friday to arrest him, and say he tried to barricade himself in the residence to avoid arrest. They forced their way in and found the others also all had arrest warrants too. Murphy for possession of a controlled substance, Petersen for failing to appear on a pending court matter, Chiles for violation of probation. Those three were cited and released, but Lodarski was taken to jail on the $15,000.00 bail arrest warrant for selling drugs.

There are still temporary housing units for Valley Fire survivors and the Lake County Board of Supervisors will take up the matter at their meeting this week. Lake Co News reports the board will also get an update on Mendocino Complex fire recovery and look to continue multiple local emergency proclamations. The Valley fire temporary dwellings is on the agenda to get permits renewed since they’re only good for three years. The permits actually expired last October and found 19 of the units were still occupied and those living there have not applied for a permit to build a new home either. The board also has to extend local health emergency proclamations due to the Mendocino Complex, Pawnee, Sulphur and Clayton fires, and the atmospheric river storm of 2017.

Both Willits and Upper Lake High Schools did well in Lake County’s Academic Decathlon and will advance to the state competition in March. Willits has been participating for years with no others from Mendocino County joining in the Lake County competition. Willits won over Upper Lake and Clear Lake High with students winning several dozen medals. Savanna Hofmaister of Willits won the title again as the top scoring student from her school, and she won the most of any academic decathlete Saturday. And for Upper Lake, Sarah Williams was the highest point earner for her school and Katelyn Rolfe was the high scorer for Clear Lake.

A new owner for what’s thought to be the oldest market in Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports the Renaissance Market, previously known as the Westside Market goes back to 1877. The store located on West Clay Street is now owned by Shadi Mahfoud. The last owner will stay on as the general manager of the Farmers’ Market Association and continue to manage the Farmers’ Market. The new owner is from war-torn Syria and says he’s one of a small percentage who made it to the U-S with a visa. He was first working at the Redwood Valley Market with a family member and heard the Renaissance Market was for sale and the rest is history.

More money coming into the coffers of the city of Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports the money from the city’s “Top Ten Revenue” sources, partly too, because of the new Costco. The Financial Director for the city says at first blush, it appears Costco revenues are about what the city expected. Apparently the numbers are confidential, but from what the city can figure out, regarding sales tax revenue, it seems on target. The city had estimated it get as much as $1 million in sales tax revenue. But there was also more money coming in from Measure Y, the streets tax.

A robber in Ukiah tells Pharmacy workers he had a gun and gets some goods. Ukiah Police say the man was wearing a surgical mask went into the Rite Aid on South State St. yesterday afternoon and demanding pills. The guy got the meds and took off. He’s described as 5 foot 10 to six-feet-tall, 180 pounds, wearing a black sweater, sunglasses and the mask covering his face. Nobody has been arrested and police say after the robbery, other area pharmacies were notified.

A power outage on Super Bowl Sunday… imagine. Some residents in the Oak Manor neighborhood of Ukiah were unable to watch the fourth quarter of the big game, when all the action happened, because they lost power. Around 6:07 p.m. one resident said they heard a “loud explosion” then the neighborhood lost power. The city’s director of the Electric Utility says there were about 100 customers in the dark. Some folks were apparently getting power from a damaged area that needed repair, which took about three hours. A handful of customers still had no power for another hour after that. The utility company blaming a secondary transformer.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors to continue its discussion about its emergency medical services provider. The meeting tomorrow about North Coast Emergency Medical Services and if the County should find a new provider. This after complaints from the Health Services Director, local fire chiefs and hospital administrators. Several on hand at last week’s supervisor meeting. There could be a panel put together to study what to do and that could happen at tomorrow’s meeting after District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown made the suggestion. The board has other issues on the agenda as well including hearing from the Sheriff’s office regarding the need for Off Highway Vehicle patrol equipment and resources.

A man from Dublin is facing 25 years in prison after admitting an insider trading scheme at Ross Stores. The Dept. of Justice reports Saleem Khan made at least $3.5 million dollars. He admitted to conspiracy and securities fraud for the plot between July 2009 and October 2012 after getting a hold of private info related to sales and financial performance of Ross Stores which he got from someone working at the stores. Then Khan bought and sold securities off of that knowledge. He was indicted in November 2017 and last week accepted the plea deal. He could get a quarter century behind bars when he’s sentenced in June. He also faces a $250,000 fine.

Three men from Oroville and Palermo arrested for the sale of counterfeit oxycodone tablets laced with fentanyl. The federal charges after a three count indictment against Guillermo Jose Leon Ramirez of Oroville; Justin Garcia, also of Oroville and William Vollendroff of Palermo. The trio charged with conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and distribution of fentanyl and face five years in prison and possibly as much as 40 years, but they all pleaded not guilty last month. The bust after a couple of drug buys by DEA agents and Butte County Interagency Narcotics Task Force agents. The deals in Oroville last fall, with the agents wired up.

A zoo in England has a Valentines promotion… for a few bucks you can name a cockroach after your ex or your friend’s ex. The Hemsley Conservation Centre wants a donation of $2.70 to name the insect, quote, “in honor of your, or your friend’s worthless ex-“someone” on this special holiday of love”. The post on Facebook explains that each of the names of the cockroaches will be put on a board at the facility, and they’ll highlight pictures of the cockroaches on their Facebook page Feb. 14th.

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