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Roads in both Lake and Mendocino counties slick during the morning commute hours and that meant loads of crashes. The CHP reports some drivers couldn’t handle the conditions, lost control, flipped, skidded and spun. There was a gas tanker in Mendocino County that overturned after six this morning, it blocked the 101 in Leggett. There was a report just after that there was a hazardous spill too. Between the two counties there were about 10 crashes and several injuries. As you headed up onto higher elevations like on highways 175 in Hopland and on Cobb Mountain there were very dicey conditions. Reports of solid ice on the Lake Mendocino bridge and issues on highways 20 and 29 in Lake County. Some schools in Lake County were delayed due to the weather with dropping temps this morning along with rain and more snow expected later today.

A couple from San Francisco who disappeared in the Mendocino National Forest for several days are safe. Search and rescue teams out yesterday. The Glenn County Sheriff’s Office reports 18 year old Maia Herman-Kitami and 21 year old Carlos Hernandez Jr. were found last night after they got stranded in the snow last Thursday. The Sheriff’s office says they were found "safe and in good spirits" in Hernandez’s Jeep which got stuck in the snow. The two apparently had a plan for off-roading and camping at Alder Springs at the end of last month, then they were reported missing. The Press Democrat reports Mendocino Sheriff’s Office search and rescue and the Willows Jeep Club helped find the two young adults.

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