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Photos now circulating of a man Ukiah Police say robbed a pharmacy of drugs. As we reported the man went into the Rite-Aid on South State St. Sunday demanded medication, said he was armed, then took off after getting what he wanted. Police alerted other area pharmacies, but the man was not caught. He was described as 5-10 to six-feet-tall, 180 pounds with tan skin and dark hair in a black sweatshirt, wearing sunglasses and a “dust or medical mask” covered his face. A surveillance photo of the man can be seen on the Daily Journal’s website.

Another step forward for a local mental health center as the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has directed staff to start trying to find a location for the Crisis Residential Unit or units, a Crisis Stabilization Unit or units, and a 24 Hour Psychiatric Health Facility. So they’ll get bids for the design and development. One possible location is on South Orchard Ave. working with Redwood Community Services. The money for the work comes from the voter approved Measure B. Supervisors gave the greenlight to also create a Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee who will come up with recommendations for the board’s use of Measure B funds. The Sheriff, Tom Allman, who’s been an advocate of having stronger Mental Health services is a member of the Mental Health Oversight Committee, calling it the number one crisis in the county.

A man on parole wanted by Corrections officers has been busted in Covelo. Sheriff’s deputies patrolling the town stopped a car that had expired registration tags. They ran a DMV, warrants, probation and parole check on everyone in the car, finding the passenger, Reginald Azbill of Ukiah was a wanted felon for a parole violation. He was arrested and taken to the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held without bail.

Legislators are working on a bill to make local polling places be open on the weekend before any Election Day. The Assembly bill would also include a way to figure out how many polling places in every jurisdiction should be open a Saturday, Sunday and Monday for at least 8 hours before the election, unless the district is mail in only voting. The law now says all polling places are to open on Election Day from 7 am until 8 pm.

Calif. lawmakers are considering giving teachers a $200 tax break to pay for supplies. The Assembly bill introduced Monday to cover public, charter, or private school teachers for grades K-12. It would go into effect next year and cover books, supplies, computer equipment and supplementary materials. They could not however claim the credit for anything of a religious nature, or nonathletic supplies used in health or physical education courses. The average teacher in the National Teacher and Principal Survey for 2015-16 showed they spent nearly $500 on school supplies annually. Elementary school teachers spent more than that and high school teachers, a little less.

Congressman Mike Thompson says the President missed the mark on some key issues in his 2nd State of the Union address. He was there with his guest, the assistant professor of surgery, associate chief of the division of acute care surgery, and director of emergency general surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital who was shot by a teenager. Thompson, the chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, says the doctor’s presence at the address sends a message that Congress will act to help prevent gun violence and will honor victims like Dr. Sakran and his patients.

A woman accused of starting a fire at a business in Ukiah has been found guilty. The Mendocino County D-A reports the jury came back after deliberating yesterday and found 36 year old Rhanda Jack started a fire at Carpet One. The jury found Jack guilty of unlawfully causing a fire, which is a misdemeanor. Jack, also known as Rhanda Rachel Medrano had been charged with felony arson and felony vandalism for the November 2018 fire that caused about $29,000 of smoke damage to the inventory at Carpet One. The jury found her guilty of the lesser misdemeanor crime though. She testified on her own behalf saying she was homeless and started a fire in a dumpster outside the business, then she ran and didn’t call for help. She says it was accidental. She will be sentenced tomorrow.

The mayor of Cupertino giving his state of the city address says there should be a wall to separate Saratoga and San Jose, saying San Jose should pay for it. In a reference to the border wall the president promised Mexico would pay for and a dig that San Jose should step up with more affordable housing. Mayor Steven Scharf said there’s a big problem with too many Teslas coming through from Saratoga so along with other cities, they came up with the proposal. There were a few chuckles in the crowd, but not so much online where he was skewered for having poor taste and not mentioning the housing crisis. The mayor called CASA, a group who supports affordable housing, the “Committee to Destroy the Bay Area”.

Several thousand people who get their health insurance from Anthem Blue Cross have to get new doctors due to a Medi-Cal contract disagreement with Sutter Health. The Sacramento Bee reports about 20,000 patients in Northern California need new doctors now. Sutter Health saying they’ve been negotiating for months in good faith to try to come to an agreement, but they say they won’t compromise patient access and option, or give the insurer authority to second-guess doctor and patient treatment plans. A spokesperson for Anthem says they’re still actively negotiating. As per state law patients have to be given notice of changes in doctors.

The largest pension system in Calif. shows it’s roughly in line with most funds around the country. This part of a new survey by the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems. The trade association came out with the survey yesterday, after polling 167 state and local government pension funds. The report shows nearly 73% of the money in the funds are needed to cover liabilities. CalPers, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System is worth about $350 billion and 71 percent funded. Standard ratings show if it’s 70% funded, then it’s adequate. It’s the second year in a row for the survey.


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