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PG&E has a plan for wildfire safety that would mean more than 5 million customers might have no power for a time. The utility has submitted a plan to state regulators to shut down power, clear and remove trees and vegetation on 2,450 miles of land and install more fire-spotter cameras and weather-monitoring stations. The largest utility in the country serving Northern and Central California says their new plan would cost as much as $2.3 billion this year and affect all of its nearly 5.5 million customers. This plan is in response to state law enacted after the October and December 2017 wildfires. The plan comes as the company also files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from creditors and due to an estimated $30 billion in liabilities from fires in 2017 and 2018.

A special meeting’s been held of the Konocti Unified School District Board as they search for a new superintendent. The meeting after a vote from the board last month approving a recruitment company being brought in the help find a replacement for retiring superintendent Donna Becnel. The recruiting company is run by a couple of retired school superintendents. The recruiters work with school boards and administrators and hold leadership and board trainings. They cater to small districts which they say have special needs. They will consult with the board and as many as 17 community members on the process.

A man from Upper Lake is going to prison for strangling his wife to death during an argument. William “Bill” Morton Henry got six years for the murder of Cindi Henry last June. Both sides of the family were asking for leniency for the man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter as part of a plea deal. The recommended term from the probation department was three years, but the judge said there was a high degree of cruelty and he should get more. Victim impact statements apparently formed that decision. All family members asked for leniency, including the victim’s mother.

The yearly update from the police chief in Lakeport on response times has been given to the city council. Chief Brad Rasmussen reported he was happy with the response times for 2018, which he noted were better than 2017. Emergency calls had about a three minute response time, non-emergencies were 11 minutes, and calls to be handled when available were at about 18 minutes. He noted nearly 10,000 calls for the year, and about half were community-generated calls for service, and the rest where someone was reported seeing something that needed a response or help.

A ballot measure has been approved by the Lakeport Fire District Board of Directors for higher taxes to help fix the district’s financial troubles. The resolution to be on a ballot for a $6.14 tax per benefit unit, so each home owner would be taxed about $180 a year. The Record Bee reports the Finance Director for the City of Clearlake is a new board director for the District and says the tax measure was a last resort, but he didn’t see another option. Another director who is also a firefighter says the tax hike is modest. There have been layoffs of six paid firefighters and reduced staff levels. The tax, if passed, would bring in about $1.2 M more than the current tax.

Money from CalHome for Habitat for Humanity Lake County will help some Sulphur Fire victims. The nonprofit to help low-income community members who lost their home in the fire or had damage. Those applying have to prove their loss was in the Sulphur Fire burn area and the loss happened because of the fire, for no other reason.

Please call 707-994-1100 x106 to apply or for more information or come by the office at 15312 Lakeshore Dr. Clearlake for a pre-application.

A man in Mumbai says he’s suing his parents… because they gave him life. Raphael Samuel says he loves his parents, and they have a great relationship, but says he was born without his consent… ok. He’s part of a group of ‘child-free’ proponents who say kids should not be brought into the world, they call it Anti-natalism, claiming it’s wrong to bring people into existence. Samuel also saying you shouldn’t do anything for your parents if you don’t want to. He has a Facebook page called Childfree India too.


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