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It’s a resounding yes, from the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors for staff to start drawing up an ordinance to ban cultivating, processing or manufacturing cannabis and cannabis-based products using genetic engineering techniques, in other words, no GMO. Supervisors John Haschak and Ted Williams are sponsoring the idea. The board also asking the county’s attorney to draw up a moratorium option for the next board meeting to suspend the processing or manufacturing of GMO weed so it’s permanently banned in the county. The move could also mean small farmers in Mendocino County have an edge to compete against bigger marijuana companies and corporations across the state.

A man in Redwood Valley’s arrested after a domestic dispute. Apparently a woman told a friend to call 911 on her behalf so cops respond Tuesday afternoon and say they were told a man was chasing the victim down the street. The woman went up to the approaching deputies and heard Beau Brown and his wife, the victim were in an argument that got heated and Brown threatened he would hurt the woman and shoot all of the animals on their property. He also gathered a bunch of the woman’s personal items and lit them on fire outside. She took off and he chased her and rammed her car and she crashed. She was able to get away. Deputies arrested Brown after the wife also said he had multiple weapons for hunting. A SWAT team reported near their home and got the guy. He was held on $30,000 bail for assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, arson of property, felony vandalism and misdemeanor domestic violence battery.


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