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Millsite planning has begun in earnest with new planning commissioners and city council members in Fort Bragg. The combined session Jan. 31st to drill down on the vision for the massive oceanfront site. The discussion on a redraft of the planning vision statement and guiding principles. The Community Development Director spoke to the group saying estimates right now show Fort Bragg’s water supply and future development for the current land use plan for the millsite might have to be taken down 20 to 40 percent because there’s not enough water for the vision so far. The development dept. reportedly working on water budgets for the site and the entire town. That will show how much development can be allowed on the millsite while still meeting the water needs of other parcels already zoned.

Some backlash at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors meeting after the dismissal of the CEO Bob Edwards. It was standing room only at the meeting where the board President Karen Arnold said they’ve got to start rebuilding their relationship in the community. Some people were not happy with the decision during the public comment session. The Advocate newspaper reports one surgeon stood up and said it was a hasty and ill considered decision. That surgeon said he was resigning a position on the board’s planning committee and would stay only if Edwards was brought back. And the medical Chief of Staff said he was concerned too along with other doctors who stood up and also voiced concern.

Talks continue regarding a purchase of several acres of land on the old Georgia-Pacific millsite. The Advocate newspaper reports Skunk Train executives are still working on the sale which they say is moving slower than they’d like due to complications of the coastal zone the land sits on. There’s a plan to clean up the site then lease land to the North Coast Brewing Company for a new facility. The Skunk Train has also received a large grant to fix one of the tunnel’s, six miles from Pudding Creek after a collapse in 2015, cutting the line off from Willits. But officials say Skunk train ridership continues to grow to nearly 63,000 last year alone.

The poorest performing schools in the state list has been released showing Lake County had a handful with the distinction. Record Bee reports the California Department of Education released the list last week. The six schools in Lake selected for help under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Nearly 800 schools on the list, about 480 of the 6,600 in the state receive Title I federal aid for low-income students and 300 high schools with less than two-thirds of students graduating. The state apparently quietly released the numbers. Parents also won’t be notified so they can remove their kids from poor performing schools.

A new report shows more people in Calif. concerned about illegal immigration over education, jobs, the environment and homelessness. The Public Policy Institute of California poll came out this week. It surveyed residents on the biggest issue facing the state and what the most important issue was for the Governor and Legislature this year. 15 percent of those surveyed said immigration and illegal immigration, 11 percent said education, 10 percent said the economy, 8 percent for the environment and 6 percent for homelessness. The survey as the federal government faces another shutdown over border security.

There’s a new number for the amount of people killed in the Camp Fire. It’s been slightly reduced from 86 to 85. At the same time the Butte County Sheriff’s Office has identified two people who died in the fire that plowed thru Paradise, Magalia and Concow. They’re names as 69 year old Chris Maltby of Paradise and 75 year old Ronald Schenk of Paradise. There’s now just two people who are still reported as missing or unaccounted for. Police in Sacramento have located one man listed as missing as John Demianew. He actually had a warrant out for his arrest, and he’s been found and taken into custody.

A project to take down burned out or dead trees in Paradise and Magalia has begun. The first phase of cleanup of the dead trees which will also include some commercial logging. The Butte County Fire Safe Council trying to help push along the project which had featured a previously approved grant for $668,000 for fuel reduction on the Paradise ridge. There was a bunch of dead wood there before the fire apparently, and the council is looking to move the multi-year project along and possibly change parts of the plan too.

Winter weather continues in Northern Mendocino County. The National Weather Service (NWS) reports there could be snow again, issuing a Winter Storm Warning from 4 am tomorrow into 4 pm Sunday. They say to look for possible hazardous travel conditions across mountains due to heavy snow and along the coast because of possible small hail. The Winter Storm Warning for elevations above 2500 feet with lighter snow as low as 500-1000 feet Saturday night into Sunday and the small hail most likely during Saturday night into Sunday.

A state Assemblyman speaking out after the release of a violent parolee sentenced to 35 years to life but now out due to Prop. 57. The Mendocino County D-A’s Facebook page featuring the story of Assemblymember Jim Cooper of Elk Grove who commented on an appeals judge allowing a felon to be released under Proposition 57, the California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative. This man was sent to prison after his conviction to stabbing his girlfriend with a butcher knife, forcibly molesting his 11year-old niece and gang raping a 17-year-old pregnant teen. He says there’s something grossly wrong with the law if the courts rule a violent sexual offenders and felon that stabbed his girlfriend is considered a non-violent criminal. The notation too that it’s the second time this year a court ruled pedophiles and rapists are considered for early release under the highly misrepresented Proposition 57.

A memorial’s planned for a woman and her son, killed in a murder suicide near Willits last month. The memorial service for Krissy Orbon and her son 8 year old boy, Damian, this Sunday, February 10th at the Little Lake Grange. The two shot to death in the double homicide and suicide January 10th. The Mendocino Voice news site says the memorial will have a focus on domestic violence awareness and prevention, and reports there will also be musical performances and a potluck. It’s from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. David Wilkins, Damian’s dad, and Orbon were recently separated, but apparently Wilkins was still seeing the boy and had access. There’s a GoFundMe has been started to assist with memorial costs, and $10 donations will be accepted at the door.

A man who police say robbed a Ukiah convenience store at gunpoint has been caught on video, but is still on the run. Police say they got a call to the Ukiah Liquor and Food store on Washington Ave. Wednesday night for a robbery. The employee there at the time says the man in a hoodie came in picked out some items, went up to the cash register, pulled out a gun, then demanded cash, and ran. No word if he got any money. He’s described as either White or Hispanic, about six-feet tall, with a large build, wearing a dark beanie, dark hooded sweatshirt, tan pants and brown, work-type boots.

A body’s been found under the Noyo Bridge in Fort Bragg. Police say they got a call Wednesday afternoon that someone was in the water. They say there, they found a body, on the ground, describing the body as an “unidentified white male between 40 and 50 years old”. The body taken from the area to the Chapel by the Sea mortuary. No other details have been released.

A new Assistant District Attorney in Mendocino County. The Board of Supervisors has appointed Dale Trigg with a yearly salary of $135,000, including retirement and medical benefits, for a total worth on the job of around $203,000, which the D-A says is in their budget already. The D-A says Trigg is an extremely qualified assistant district attorney, with experience in sexual assault cases, civil cases and as a district attorney in other counties. He was the elected DA in Del Norte County, but resigned due to reported compensation issues. He was also civil litigator in Missouri and was a judge in Montana.

A courthouse in Oklahoma had to be evacuated after a lawyer wandered in with a bunch of bed bugs falling out of his clothing. The Rogers County Courthouse evacuated then closed for fumigation after the lawyer came in with the taggers on. The Sheriff said there were bugs literally crawling all over the man, adding, it’s hard to imagine you not knowing there were bugs all over you. Someone else apparently saw the bugs on the lawyer’s neck. Then he took off his jacket and placed it on some files, where the bugs were also found. Officials saying it was an original way to "bug" the room.

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