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The Mendocino County Cannabis Program announces a couple of town halls on existing grow sites. The meetings in Covelo and Laytonville with open houses set for this week and next. The Cannabis Accommodation Districts in support of the continued operation of existing cultivation sites in residential areas. They say if you live in the Covelo Core or Fairbanks Road, Laytonville or South Leggett you could be included in one of the districts. There are presentations by the Dept. of Agriculture and Planning Services for those affected this Wednesday, February 13th and next Thursday, the 21st at Covelo Common Space and at the Laytonville Garden Club on Valentine’s Day and next Friday, the 22nd. All start at 4pm with a presentation, offices open from noon to 3 PM for open house.

Still no real banking option for California’s marijuana sales. Cash is paid to tax offices. Now Congress is holding a hearing on potential bank access for licensed cannabis companies. This comes six years after marijuana started to be legalized in states for recreational use. There were no hearings while there was a Republican led House of Reps. Marijuana is however still considered illegal by federal law and any banks who work within the industry could face money laundering charges if the Department of Justice went after them. California collected nearly $330 million in taxes the first three quarters of last year. But the Department of Tax and Fee Administration says less than half of that was in the form of cash. The first bill to be considered by the US House, which is now a Democratic majority, was submitted last Friday. But the bill will most likely die in the Republican controlled Senate.

Warning by a state nursing board that more money’s needed to protect against unsafe practices, plus they warn there needs to be a faster way to license new nurses. The warning by the Board of Registered Nursing who says they need $17 million dollars to hire more employees. About five years ago the state put nearly $100 million up for a new computer system for improved efficiency. The Sacramento Bee reports the software change has new nurse applications waiting up to five months for processing. Before that, the newspaper reports, it took only four to six weeks. This from the latest budget proposal filed Jan. 10th. Apparently some nurses left Calif. to get licensed, then transferred back into Calif. to start jobs sooner. The board reportedly getting as many as 35,000 license applications a year.

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