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Governor Newsom delivered his first California State of the State address today, with some tough talk for the president as most expected, disputing several of President Trump’s recent claims about a crisis at the border. The governor also revealed plans for an Alzheimers task force, changes to current high speed rail plans, and appointed Sacramento Mayor Darrel Steinberg to lead a new state commission that will tackle the state’s homeless crisis.

The Lake County health Services Department is out with a reminder for adults and parents to vaccinate agains Pertussis, or whooping cough, which starts with a cough and runny nose followed by weeks of coughing fits. The risk of complications are higher in the elderly and the very young.

Three more arrests in connection to the burglary of a Ukiah home on Friday in the 600 block of Marshal Street. Victims identified on security footage, 43 year old Lawrence Texeira, 48 year old Renee Crane and 40 year old Aron Hernandez were later found on the Mendocino Coast with property stolen during the burglary in their possession. A search of their homes turned up even more stolen property.

Governor Newsom has signed a general order that will draw down over 300 California national guard troops at the southern border. In a statement announcing the move, the governor said that the border emergency is a manufactured crisis, and that California will not be part of the political theatre. All troops should off border duty by the end of next month.

A new animal shelter is open at Fort Bragg, and a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house are planned for Saturday at the shelter on 19701 Summers Lane in Fort Brag, 1pm. The shelter’s regular hours of operation will be Tuesdays through Saturday, noon to 5pm.

The goal is to promote community awareness of crime victim’s rights and services available to them, during National Crime Victim’s Rights Week April 7th to the 13th. The Hopland tribe is getting federal funds from the US Department of Justice office for victims of Crime, to help get the job done. A community awareness project is being planned, including a 5k run and walk on April 13th, a resource fair and a local art contest with an ward for the winning entry. Artists interested in entering the contest can email lsautelet or submit in person at the Hopland Tribal health and Social Services Department in Hopland. The funds awarded are not tax payer dollars, rather penalties paid by those convicted of federal crimes. The theme for this year’s 2019 National Crime Victim’s Right’s Week is “Honoring Our Past, Creating Hope For The Future.

A 26 year old man has been arrested for robbing Rite aid and Ukiah Liquor and Fast Food earlier this month. Police say Mark Magana walked into Rite Aid on State Street in Ukiah on Feb 3rd and gave a cashier a note claiming he was armed, demanding narcotics before running way with the goods. Three days later, Ukiah Police responded to an armed robbery at Ukiah Liquor and Food on Washington Ave. Magana, a suspect in both incidents was later arrested by Marysville Police and transported to Mendocino County by Ukiah Police, to face two counts of robbery.

A report on the Meondocino Complex fire last summer has concluded that poor communication and a rivalry between state and federal agencies are to blame for confusion that endangered 22 firefighters who had to flee the fire, after being surrounded by flames when winds changed. The firefighters made it out OK, but some weren’t so sure they would, including the six who had to run for a mile before being picked up.

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