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Four men from the Bay Area say it was their GPS’s fault for taking them to the wrong address in Kelseyville where a homeowner fired a handgun at the strangers. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports the homeowner Trevor McAfee reported he fired his gun at the four intruders who came to the home in a loud car, he says he told them to leave and they wouldn’t. He says that’s when he fired at the men who then pointed a revolver at him. Bullet holes found in the car, but cops didn’t find a firearm or any ammo inside the car. The sheriff’s office says as they were rolling up to the house there was a call to the department from someone saying their friend’s from Oakland got lost on their way to see him and were shot at after going to the wrong house. They say they had no gun on them, but showed him a phone as they were calling their friend. No charges were filed.

After a lawsuit was filed by the Governor and state Atty. General against the Trump administration, the administration says it’s terminating a nearly billion dollar federal grant for the California High-Speed Rail Authority. The letter from the Department of Transportation Tuesday also says the agency is working all legal angles to get back $2.5 billion in federal grant funds the state has already received. Governor Newsom says it’s in retaliation for the lawsuit against his National Emergency to pay for his border wall. The high-speed rail was a project being pushed by the former Gov. Jerry Brown.

Two members of the Clearlake Planning Commission have been sworn in. Lisa Wilson and Nathalie Antus became official yesterday. Wilson is a local business owner and Antus has been a commissioner already. The former Planning Commissioners Dirk Slooten and Russ Cremer both left after they became Clearlake City Council members last year. The commission meets a couple times a month and is charged with oversight for land use and development applications.

A shooting reported in Clearlake. Lake Co News reports a gunshot victim walked into the Lake County Fire Protection District so an air ambulance was called. Apparently there were none because of the weather last Friday. The fire department drove the victim to a hospital and they were treated and released. The case is being investigated after the victim was uncooperative. Clearlake Police are asking anyone who may have any information to call.

A house fire in Nice has left a family homeless. It happened Monday night on Lakeview Dr. The double wide mobile found completely on fire when firefighters got to the scene. Firefighters took about an hour to get it under control. They’re investigating but say it probably started in the area where the water heater was held. Firefighters stayed on scene several hours for mop up. They say the home was probably 50% lost and the entire home had smoke damage inside and could not be lived in. The Red Cross taking care of the family of three and two cats.

A tow truck driver in Northern Calif. being called a hero after he helped a CHP officer injured in a knife attack. Christian Melendrez driving near his hometown of Williams Friday night on Interstate 5 and says he saw two bodies wrestling on the side of the highway by a CHP patrol car so he pulled over, got out of his truck, then started running toward them. He says it looked like CHP Officer Philip Martinson needed help, the officer saying he was stabbed by a woman in the back after he pulled her over for speeding. Melendrez reportedly got the officer’s handcuffs then cuffed the woman, id’d as 25-year-old Haile Neil of Martinez. The officer was taken to a hospital and released. And now Melendrez says he’s thinking about a possible career in law enforcement.

The case of a man who murdered an elderly couple in Davis will be on the CBS news program “48 Hours”. Daniel Marsh was a teen when he killed in April of 2013. He broke into 87 year old Oliver “Chip” Northup and his 76 year old wife Claudia Maupin’s home. The couple stabbed to death and Maupin convicted at the age of 17 of the murders. He got 52 years to life in state prison, but since he was underage, he’ll be eligible for parole in about 20 years. But after Prop. 57 was passed he was back in court to see if his case should be in juvenile court instead or stay in adult court for the original sentence. He’s been in therapy for about six months now. The 48 hours episode airs this Saturday night.

A dog missing in the Camp Fire has been returned to his family. It’s been more than 100 days since Kingston the Akita jumped out of his family’s truck as they ran away from the wildfire. He was reunited with his family from Paradise Monday. The family had posted flyers and contacted shelters and finally got a call last Sunday. The dog was taken to a local rescue group called Friends of Camp Fire Cats after a Facebook post. The dog apparently seen on surveillance cameras and a trap was set for the animal Saturday. His family says they think he survived by eating skunks, because he had hunted them before the fire and say he smelled like skunk when they picked him up.

A man last seen in Fort Bragg wanted by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. Christopher Doty featured on the department’s warrant Wednesday Facebook post. He’s wanted for possession of a firearm by a felon, reckless driving and failing to appear, among other crimes on $75,000 bail. He’s described as a 38 year old white man, 5′ 11", 175 lbs with brown hair and green eyes. His picture on the department’s Facebook page.

A man from Ukiah found guilty of arson has been sent to prison for repeated violations of the terms of his supervised probation. The Mendocino County DA’s office reports Randall Lee Gensaw served a sentence for arson then almost immediately violated the terms of his probation in early January and was sent back to jail for a 45 day sentence. Then when he was released, he did it again, violating his probation about a week later, having a prohibited weapon, and a lighter, which he’s not allowed to have because of the arson conviction. The judge found he wasn’t following the rules of his probation so he was sent back to state prison for 48 months. The probation department even recommended 72 months.

New research says a practice known as upzoning isn’t going to help as much as hoped in the area of more affordable housing. The study in Urban Affairs Review says these types of zoning changes in Chicago during a five-year period actually meant there were higher prices on housing and there were no more housing developments in the affected areas. The study’s author, a doctoral candidate at MIT says there was “no evidence for short- or medium-term increases in housing-unit construction.” The Calif. Senate is looking at a similar idea called the More HOMES Act, to allow developers to go around some zoning restrictions to build multi-family housing in “transit-rich” and “job-rich” areas.

A man from Lassen County arrested for killing several raptors is pleading not guilty. It’s thought to be one of the largest birds of prey poaching cases ever in Calif. 68 year old Richard Parker faces 86 misdemeanor counts: one each for the hawks, owls and other birds state game wardens say he shot on his property. Then there were bobcats killed without proper permits and keeping at least one mountain lion body. The Department of Fish and Wildlife reported finding out about the case by an anonymous tip in the man’s hometown of Standish which is located near the border of Nevada. Wardens went to the man’s home last March and say there were dead hawks, owls and other dead birds in piles, most were red-tailed hawks, and at least one owl and a ferruginous hawk which are pretty rare in Northern California. He faces six months in jail and a $5,000 fine per each count of one dead raptor and $10,000 for the dead cougar.

An elderly woman has a new job to keep her busy, junior ranger at the Grand Canyon National Park. 103 year old Rose Torphy says she was on a vacation at the 100 year old park and went into the park store and found out about their junior ranger program which teaches kids to protect the Canyon. Something she says her parents taught her, to care for land. The partial government shutdown was happening when Torphy was visiting, so store staff trained junior rangers to protect the land. Torphy says she’s happy to protect it for her great-children to visit one day. She has 18 great grandkids and 10 great-great grandchildren.

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