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The Dollar General Store in Lakeport will be able to sell liquor… at least as far as the City Council goes. The city council approved the liquor license for beer and wine sales. The store opened on Main Street last month, the third Dollar General in Lake County. The Lakeport Police Chief recommended the liquor license be approved. Chief Rasmussen explained the type of license the company was going for and says there are several factors the Alcohol Beverage Control considers before granting a license including crime in the district and said they can grant a license if the City Council finds public convenience or necessity. He says based on his agency’s calls for service, he didn’t feel the liquor license would mean increased crime. There should be a resolution to formally approve the license at the next city council meeting.

Because of improved water supply in the state, the Department of Water Resources has increased State Water Project allocations for 2019. So those requesting it will get 35 percent of their requests for the calendar year, that’s up from 15 percent allocation south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Each month the allocations are considered again based on the state snowpack and runoff information which is usually finalized by May. Clearlake is part of the Sacramento River Watershed.

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